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Decoupling Membranes

Decoupling Membranes are designed to prevent newly laid tile floors from cracking or lifting if the substrate beneath them moves or cracks in any way due to natural or environmental causes. Decoupling Membranes are often used in newly built dwellings as the foundation structure moves slightly as it settles into the ground – the membrane acts as a decoupling layer to absorb the lateral movements, and so prevent the tiled floor from cracking and breaking up.

Some membranes can be used between underfloor heating and tiles to prevent cracks appearing as the floor expands and contracts with each heating cycle, and they have the additional benefit of distributing the heat from underfloor heating more evenly through the tiled floorcovering. Some decoupling membranes are designed to incorporate heating cables, for a convenient, combined underfloor heating and decoupling solution – the DITRA HEAT Range from Schluter and the Thermosphere Heating Membrane are good examples of this type of decoupling membrane.

Most of the decoupling membranes we stock also feature waterproofing properties that, when the joints between runs is properly sealed, protect substrates from infiltrations of water, increasing their durability. They are also designed to allow the distribution of stresses on floorings subject to heavy loads.

We stock a wide variety of decoupling membranes from well regarded brands within the tiling industry such as Schluter, wedi, BAL, Kerakoll, Tilemaster, Thermosphere, Dural, Genesis, Mapei, and Progress Profiles.

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