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Ardex Rapidlay Membrane

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Ardex Rapidlay Membrane is a specially coated and patterned fibreglass reinforced sheet underlay designed to overcome the problems sometimes encountered in laying floorcoverings, particularly sheet vinyl flooring, over new or old sub-floors in domestic and light commercial areas.

Ardex Rapidlay Membrane can be laid over a variety of surfaces, such as old sub-floors, vinyl flooring, ceramic tiling, sheet metal, sub-floors contaminated with oil or paint, or damp sub-floors. It can also be used over asphalt sub-floors.

Product Features
• Provides a continuous base which is stable and resistant to damp
• Cuts down laying time as there is no need to wait for the normal subfloor drying times
• Dimensionally stable
• Quick installation can be achieved as it is a sheet system
• Allows for a new temporary floor to be laid over an existing floor (without potential adhesive damage on uplifting)
• Low VOC and solvent free product

Ardex Rapidlay Membrane can be used on screed or concrete substrates where construction moisture has not fully dried out (max. 5% moisture content, 92% RH), also on anhydrite screeds with a maximum of 2% moisture content. (carbide method).

Ardex Rapidlay Membrane can be used in areas where sub-floors have been exposed to water spillage, and old sub-floors which do not contain a fully functioning damp proof membrane. It can also be used over old, soundly fixed flooring when a temporary covering is to be applied. (without adhesive).

Ardex Rapidlay Membrane is suitable for use on heated concrete or cement/sand screeds up to 27ºC maximum temperature.

Ardex Rapidlay Membrane should NOT be used in:
• Areas that are subjected to heavy wheeled traffic such as forklift or pallet trucks, chair castors, etc.
• On timber bases that are not adequately ventilated.
• On sub-floors that are subject to hydrostatic pressure.
• On sub-floors which contain an effective damp proof membrane, but exceed a relative humidity of 97% and on sub-floors with no damp proof membrane and a relative humidity above 92%.
• On magnesite or composite floors, biologically sensitive areas, or where floorings must be fully adhered, such as prisons.

Technical Data:
Roll width: 1.45m
Roll length: 25m
Roll coverage: 36.25m²
Weight: 58kg
Thickness: 1.4mm

Product Datasheet

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25m x 1.45m Roll, 1m x 1.45m Unit, Rapidlay Membrane Tape 50m