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wedi Subliner Flex Decoupling Membrane

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wedi Subliner Flex Decoupling Membrane is a crack bridging decoupling membrane made of a double sided polypropylene fleece with stable reinforcement tape. It measures 1 metre wide, 0.85mm thick and is available in 30 metre length rolls or per linear metre (supplied as a single roll).

wedi Subliner Flex Decoupling Membrane serves to decouple and reduce tension between floor coverings made of ceramic tiles, panels and natural stones and the substrate in indoor areas. It is used for high crack bridging, particularly in the renovation and sanitation area with low installation height. wedi Subliner Flex Decoupling Membrane can be used on all load-bearing surfaces and mixed surfaces e.g. concrete floors, cement, anhydrite and poured asphalt screeds, old parquet flooring with good adhesive, cement, chalk cement and gypsum plasters.

wedi Subliner Flex Decoupling Membrane Features:

  • Tension reducing membrane for ceramics and natural stone floor coverings
  • Flexible and crack bridging
  • High tear resistance
  • Direct load transfer to the substrate
  • Alkali resistant
  • Age resistant
  • Rot proof
  • Easy processing
  • Short installation times
  • Can be used on warm water underfloor heating
  • Can be used under electric underfloor heating
  • Low installation height
  • High adhesion with wedi installation products

Laying Surface Requirements:

  • All surfaces must be firm, load-bearing and even.
  • They must be free from dust, dirt, loose components and separating agents such as oil, grease, wax, varnish and paint coats.
  • Wooden floor boards must be firm and stable, and must not sag. Loose or bouncy boards must be screwed down firmly. The reliable equilibrium moisture content of the relevant wood type must be ensured. Old paint coats on wooden floor boards must be sanded off. Joints and holes must be closed.
  • All porous, mineral surfaces must be primed. Smooth or nonporous surfaces, which cannot be treated with surface treatment methods such as blasting etc., must also be primed.
  • When using heated screeds, the current ZDB data sheets for floor coverings on heated floor constructions must be adhered to.
  • Concrete and lightweight concrete must be at least 3 months old.
  • The residual moisture must not exceed the following values:
    Cement screeds*: 3.5%
    Calcium sulphate screeds: 0.5%
    Calcium sulphate screeds, heated: 0.3%
    Gypsum bound plasters: 1.0%
    (Measurement with CM device)
    * Evenness must be guaranteed, no laying on warped surfaces.
  • Poured asphalt screeds should be gritted over the whole area, and must show a minimum hardness class of IC10, IC 15 in accordance with EN 13813.


  1. Lay out wedi Subliner Flex and cut to size with cutter knife or scissors.
  2. Comb thin bed mortar onto prepared surface with 4 or 6 mm serration.
  3. Lay the wedi Subliner Flex edge to edge with the printed side upwards, and press on with rubber roller or wooden board.
  4. Remove protruding mortar and air pockets. Cross joints should be avoided.
  5. wedi Subliner Flex should be separated via existing movement joints, construction separation joints and edge connection joints. Joints should be taken into the covering congruently.
  6. Wall tiles can be applied to the membrane directly after glueing. On floors, the adhesive must be hardened below the membrane, as otherwise, unevenness may occur when walking on them.
  7. For tiling, hydraulic setting thin bed mortar is applied to wedi Subliner Flex, and the tiles are completely embedded in it, as far as possible.

Technical Data:
Material base: Double-sided polypropylene fleece with stable reinforcement tape
Membrane colour: White
Membrane width: 1 m
Membrane length: 30 m
Membrane thickness: 0,85 mm
Weight: 220 g/m2
Processing temperature: +5°C to +30°C
Temperature resistance: -5°C to +90°C
Fire behaviour EN 13501: E
Crack bridging: till 1 mm
Tensile strength DIN EN 1348: 0,56 N/mm²

Product Datasheet Installation Instructions

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