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Tilemaster Anti Fracture Matting

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Tilemaster Anti Fracture Matting is an anti-fracture / uncoupling matting designed for use on floor tile installations where there is a need to absorb and accommodate limited lateral movement.

Comes in 20m x 1m rolls and is also available per linear metre, supplied as a single roll.

Tilemaster Anti Fracture Matting can be used in a wide range of applications in order to accommodate the lateral movement from substrates and also bridge stress / shrinkage cracking therefore preventing movement being transferred to the tiled finish.

Tilemaster Anti Fracture Matting is designed to be used on interior floors and it can be used as part of a renovation or new construction. It is ideal for domestic and commercial applications in light, medium and heavy duty environments.

Tilemaster Anti Fracture Matting can be used on a wide range of substrates: Sand/Cement Screed, Concrete, Plywood Overlay, Chipboard Overlay, Electric Underfloor Heating, Water/Wet System Underfloor Heating, Tile Backer Boards, Flooring Grade Asphalt and Bitumen, Anhydrite Screeds, Plaster, Plasterboard, Fibre Cement Sheet, Cement/Sand Render, Concrete Brick/Block, T&G Floorboards, Floating Floors, Existing Vinyl Tiles, Steel/Metal Surfaces, and Fibreglass.

• Not suitable for bridging movement joints. These must be adopted in the top covering, corresponding with the joints in the substrate.
• Also not suitable for exterior use or in areas subject to constant immersion.
• Also it cannot be used in areas subject to deflection (vertical movement).
• Not to be used in areas where parquet flooring is to be installed.

Technical Data:
Composition: Three layer composition: two outer layers of non-woven polypropylene with an inner butyl layer
Colour: Grey base layer with a white branded top layer
Sheet Thickness: 0.85mm
Sheet Weight: Approx. 445g / m2
20mtr Roll Weight: Approx. 9.2kg
Pack Size: 20 metre roll x 1 metre wide
Shelf Life: 24 months when stored in cool and dry conditions away from direct sunlight

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1m x 20m Roll, 1m² Unit