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Tile Trim Edging Profiles

Tile Trim Edging Profiles are designed to protect the exposed tile edge at corners of tile installations and provide an attractive, neat finish.

Tile Trim Edging Profiles are designed to be used on walls, floors and joints between two tiled surfaces, and are fixed by means of a ‘leg’ which goes behind the edge of the tile to be protected and are fixed in place with the same tile adhesive used to fix the tiles. This provides a strong and durable connection, and helps prevent the tiles from cracking due to impacts or other means. Tile Trim Edging Profiles are also used to create smooth, neat transitions from tiled floors to other floor coverings.

We sell a vast range of Tile Trim, in many different sizes, styles, materials and finishes, from PVC, Brass, Stainless Steel and Aluminum to square edge, round edge, listellos and many other types of tile trim edging profiles. View our range below to search for and decide which tile trim you need.

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