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Genesis Strato Decoupling Membrane

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The Genesis Strato Decoupling Membrane is a disconnecting membrane that provides an unobtrusive, protective layer beneath floor tiling installations to avoid potential cracks and maintain a waterproof seal. It measures 3mm in thickness, for minimum height build-up.

The Genesis Strato Decoupling Membrane features a HDPE dimpled top layer, which provides a strong mechanical bond to the underside of the tile with tile adhesive. Underneath the top layer is a spunbonded polypropylene fabric which is bedded into the tile adhesive on top of the substrate. The two layers work in conjunction to reduce tensions created by changes in the substrate to protect against cracks.

The Genesis Strato Decoupling Membrane is suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas. The polypropylene fabric allows for vapour diffusion from the underlying substrate, which means that the membrane can be applied directly onto new screeds, foregoing the usual 28 day curing period, allowing for quick installations.

Genesis Strato Decoupling Membrane is designed to be used with Underfloor Heating and a variety of different substrate applications. It is suitable for installation in damp and wet rooms, on substrates such as Concrete Screed, Calcium Sulphate Screed (Anhydrite), Poured Asphalt, Concrete, Resin and Coated Floors, Chipboards and Pressed Sheets, and Wooden Floors.

The Genesis Strato Decoupling Membrane can be purchased in 30 metre x 1 metre rolls or per metre. Orders for multiple metres are supplied in a continuous roll, up to a maximum of 30 metres in length.

Before laying the Genesis Strato Decoupling Membrane, the substrate should be firm, sound, clean and be under the recommended moisture content. Using this membrane does not eliminate the need for expansion and perimeter joints, for which it is necessary to follow the instructions in the standard UNI 11493-1.

  1. Tile adhesive must be used to fix the membrane to the substrate, using a notched trowel.
  2. The Genesis Strato membrane must then be laid with the spunbonded polypropylene side facing down, firmly bedded into the adhesive with the aid of a float, applying pressure to prevent the creation of air pockets.
  3. The membrane must then be covered with another layer of cement based tile adhesive (class C2 or greater). The tiles can then be laid without waiting for it to dry, using a notched trowel of appropriate size to the size of the tiles being laid.

Technical Data:
Weight: 570g/m2 (±50 g/m²)
Thickness at 2 kPa: 3.25mm (±1 mm)
Tensile strength MD/CMD: 8/8kN/m (-2kN/m)
Elongation at max load MD/CMD: 33% (-3%)
Pull out (28 days, cement glue, room temp): 0.25N/mm² (±0.15N/mm²)

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1m² Unit (multiple supplied as continuous roll), 30m x 1m Roll


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