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BAL Flexbone VAried Uncoupling Membrane

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BAL Flexbone VAried Uncoupling Membrane is a high load-bearing, waterproof, uncoupling membrane. Accommodates lateral movements for tile installations on floors with limited movement. Used as a system with a recommended BAL flexible cementitious adhesive.

BAL Flexbone VAried Uncoupling Membrane measures 1 metre wide and comes in rolls 20 metres in length. The membrane measures 3mm in thickness.

BAL Flexbone VAried Uncoupling Membrane is ideal for the installation of large format ceramic and porcelain tiles, slabs & natural stone with a minimum edge length of 100mm. It counteracts and therefore minimises tension stresses between the substrate and the floor to be installed and prevents reflective cracking caused by shrinkage cracks, board joints and lateral movement.

BAL Flexbone VAried Uncoupling Membrane provides crack bridging and allows a safe installation onto challenging substrates. It is suitable for internal flooring; renovation and new construction, domestic and commercial areas in medium/heavy duty applications. It is also suitable for use in most internal floor areas including bathroom and kitchen and is recommended for heated floors, new cement screeds, timber floors and existing floor surfaces.

BAL Flexbone VAried Uncoupling Membrane is NOT suitable for: Exterior environments, Substrates with deflection (vertical movements), For use with parquet flooring or Bridging movement joints.

Additional Benefits:

  • Fast-track system: easy filling of bone shaped GripLock Technology and tiling can be carried out immediately after laying the membrane.
  • Excellent adhesive shear strength: 50% better than other cavity uncoupling mats in independent tests.
  • Excellent tensile strength: stops tiles ‘popping-off’ / cracking under pressure.
  • Water vapour pressure compensating: a fleece laminated to the underside compensates for water vapour pressure
  • Waterproof: can be used in internal wet areas.

BAL Flexbone VAried Uncoupling Membrane is suitable for the following substrates: Concrete substrates, Screeds (including new green screeds), Timber subfloors, Existing vinyl floor coverings, Existing and cracked tiles, and Calcium sulphate screeds.

Surface Preparation:
Ensure surfaces to be tiled are flat to SR1 tolerance as recommended in BS 5385: Part 3. Substrates must be clean, dry, sound and free from contamination and stable enough to receive tiling. The surface must be levelled to SR1 prior to installation. Uneven surfaces must be primed and levelled with BAL levelling compound prior the installation of BAL Flexbone VAried using suitable BAL Flexible cement-based adhesive.

The BAL Flexbone VAried is suitable for bridging static cracks proving differences in height can be excluded. Always ensure the correct adhesives and grouts are selected for the installation. BAL Flexbone VAried can be used in internal domestic and heavy duty wet and dry floor areas, including high loadbearing areas such as airports, car showrooms and shopping centres. IMPORTANT NOTE: Do NOT install BAL Flexbone VAried or tiles in temperatures below 5°C.

1. The substrate must be even and load bearing.
2. If necessary, the floor may require priming with BAL Prime APD or levelled using a suitable BAL Smoothing and levelling compound such as BAL Level Max.
3. Roll out the BAL Flexbone VAried and cut them precisely to the required length and sizes as required for the floor. Trim off any excesses around up-stands using scissors or a utility knife. Note: Leave a 6mm movement joint around the perimeter or use BAL Aquadrain Edge foam strip for ease.
4. Apply a thin bed of a suitable BAL flexible tile adhesive to bond the membrane which is appropriate for the substrate to be tiled. Use a Mosaic Trowel (or 4 x 4 mm notched trowel).
5. Roll back and lay the Membrane into the freshly applied tile adhesive. The membrane must be fully engaged into the adhesive to provide a suitable bond and applied within the open-time of the adhesive. If the adhesive has started to skin or set, remove this layer of adhesive and re-apply a fresh layer.
6. To ensure full adhesion is achieved between the membrane and the BAL flexible tile adhesive, smooth out the matting using either the flat edge of a steel trowel or a suitable float. Eliminate any air pockets.
7. Where additional rolls / membrane is needed on the floor, ensure the separate membrane are butt jointed at the edges but not overlapped. Remove any excess tile adhesive which may have squeezed through the joints. N.B The matting must always be separated where a change in substrate occurs or a construction/movement joint is present in the background. Tape all movement joints using BAL Flexbone Joint Reinforcment Mesh Tape to protect against the entry of the wet adhesive bedding material during the installation.
8. If waterproofing is required, apply a suitable waterproof sealing tape to all BAL Flexbone VAried membrane edges, joints and roll ends to ensure a waterproof seal over the surface. If waterproofing is not required, this taping is not required at edges or roll ends.
9. To apply tiles, mix and apply the BAL flexible adhesive to the mat using a Thick Bed Solid Bed Trowel. If using a Large Format Trowel, ensure the final bed thickness of the tile adhesive does not exceed 5mm over the BAL Flexbone VAried.
10. If a BAL flexible rapid-setting cementitious based adhesive is used the tiles can be applied immediately.
11. Always take care when applying the layer of adhesive and tiles onto the mat to avoid de-bonding the mat.

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BAL Flexbone VAried Membrane 20m Roll