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Schluter DITRA DRAIN 4 & 8

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Schluter DITRA DRAIN is a safe and permanently effective passive capillary drainage system for floor assemblies. Available in two different types, Schluter DITRA DRAIN 4 (available in 10 metre & 25 metre rolls), and Schluter DITRA DRAIN 8 (available in 12.5 metre rolls). Also available is Schluter DITRA DRAIN STU Jointing Tape (Available in 5 metre and 10 metre rolls) for fixing joints between rolls.

The material is installed in exterior areas into thin bed adhesive over a sloped waterproofing assembly, such as Schluter KERDI Board or other suitable proprietary waterproofing systems.

Schluter DITRA DRAIN 4
Schluter DITRA DRAIN 4 consists of a closed polyethylene foil that on one side features approx. 4 mm high, truncated conical studs with a laminated filter webbing. Some of these studs are shaped as approximately 2 mm high inverted truncated pyramids, which form square undercut chambers on the underside. These facilitate the bonding of the thin bed mortar, which is applied with a notched 6 mm x 6 mm trowel (such as a Schluter TROWEL) on the bonded waterproofing assembly for fully embedding the matting. The closely adjoining studs in the form of truncated cones are able to absorb high compressive forces (up to approx. 50 t/m2). The undercut design of the truncated pyramid studs allows for excellent bonding with the substrate. This matting is particularly suited for interior areas and small exterior areas.

Schluter DITRA DRAIN 8
Schluter DITRA DRAIN 8 consists of an impact resistant polyethylene foil with a special truncated stud structure on one side and polypropylene filter webbing laminated on both sides. The laminated filter webbing on the underside facilitates the bonding of the thin bed mortar, which is applied with a notched trowel (recommended: 3 x 3 mm or 4 x 4 mm Schluter TROWEL) on the bonded waterproofing assembly for fully embedding the matting. The compressive yield strength is up to 15 t/m². Schluter DITRA DRAIN 8 is suited for exterior areas and particularly for stairs and larger balcony and terrace areas with longer drainage paths. It is especially important to keep this drainage separate and to not run it along the stairs.

Summary of applications and functions:
The entire floor structure consists of a waterproofing assembly that serves as the substrate, a layer of matting and the covering installed over it using the thin bed method. This results in a structure of high load bearing capacity, which meets the requirements for waterproofing as well as for passive drainage, ventilation and uncoupling.

Drainage and ventilation:
The ventilation allows for fast drying of the thin bed adhesive. The passive capillary drainage effectively drains the water off without pressure and prevents it from seeping back into the covering layer.

This matting uncouples the covering from the substrate and neutralises the differential movement stresses between the substrate and the tile. The material effectively bridges tension cracks from the substrate and ensures that they are not transferred to the tile covering. If the installation substrate does not require a waterproofing assembly, e.g. in the case of a drained screed or a slab on aggregate, the matting may also be adhered directly to the substrate for drainage, ventilation and uncoupling.

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DITRA DRAIN 4 – 1m², DITRA DRAIN 4 10m² Roll, DITRA DRAIN 4 25m² Roll, DITRA DRAIN 8 – 1m², DITRA DRAIN 8 12.5m² Roll, DITRA DRAIN STU Tape 30m, DITRA DRAIN STU Tape 5m