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Schluter DITRA HEAT DUO PS Self Adhesive Matting

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Schluter DITRA HEAT DUO PS Self Adhesive Matting is a self adhesive version of the standard Schluter DITRA HEAT DUO Matting that features a special sound-deadening/thermal barrier fleece covered in pressure sensitive adhesive laminated to the underside.

Schluter DITRA HEAT DUO PS Self Adhesive Matting is available in either 10 metre rolls (10m length x 1m width), single 1m² units (multiple 1m² units will be supplied as a single roll) or single 0.8m² mats (0.8m x 1m).

Also available is the original Schluter DITRA HEAT PS Self Adhesive Membrane – this matting does not incorporate the special sound deadening fleece and features just the pressure sensitive adhesive layer on the underside.

Schluter DITRA HEAT DUO PS Self Adhesive Matting is made from polypropylene and features a cut back stud structure. It is a universal substrate for tile coverings that forms an uncoupling and vapour pressure equalisation layer and is designed to be used to carry the Schluter electrical underfloor heating cable – Schluter DITRA HEAT E HK Heating Cable. The membrane features imprinted Easycut gridlines to facilitate easy cutting of the membrane to the required size. The anchoring fleece laminated on the backside features a special thermoplastic adhesive layer that is not water soluble and free of solvents. The product thickness, including the stud structure and special sound deadening fleece, is approx. 7.6 mm. It is best to install the membrane at ambient temperatures of 5-30°C.

Schluter DITRA HEAT DUO PS Self Adhesive Matting is non-rotting, waterproof, stretchable and crack-bridging. In addition, the polypropylene membrane is largely resistant to the effects of aqueous solutions, salts, acids and alkalis, many organic solvents, alcohols and oils. The adhesive layer is not water-soluble and permanently attaches to coverings that are free of solvents, plasticisers and oils.

Schluter DITRA HEAT DUO PS Membrane uncouples the covering from the substrate and neutralises stresses between the substrate and the tile covering that result from various deformations. The product also bridges tension cracks from the substrate and prevents them from affecting the tile covering.

Schluter DITRA HEAT DUO PS is exclusively intended for installation on floors in interior areas. Substrates for installing Schluter DITRA HEAT DUO PS must be flat, clean, dust free, dry, smooth, rigid and load bearing, with no deflection. To install, simply peel the release film off the back of the membrane and place on the substrate. It can be lifted and re-positioned providing no pressure has been applied to it. However once pressure has been applied the adhesive sticks the membrane firmly to the substrate. The heating cables can be installed immediately after adhering the membrane, using a minimum spacing of 9 cm (every third stud ≙ 136 W/m²).

The tile covering is installed directly over the Schluter DITRA HEAT DUO PS Membrane in accordance with the applicable regulations, using the thin-bed method. The cementitious tile adhesive bonds with the cut back stud structure of the membrane. Schluter DITRA HEAT DUO PS Self Adhesive Matting is waterproof and is suitable for use in wet rooms, provided the abutting joints are sealed with Schluter KERDI KEBA Sealing Tape and Schluter KERDI COLL L Adhesive. They do not have ETA or abP certification. If certification is required, we recommend using the original Schluter DITRA HEAT Membrane which is bonded to the substrate with cementitious tile adhesive.

Use the Schluter DITRA HEAT E CT cable tester to measure the resistance of the electrical heating cables and the remote sensors supplied with Schluter DITRA HEAT E thermostats. The testing device monitors the resistance of the heating cables during the entire installation phase and alerts the installer with an acoustic signal in the event of damage. The cable tester automatically shuts down 60 minutes after the last key activation (values will not be saved).

Tiles installed over the membrane in floor areas should have a minimum size of 5 x 5 cm and a thickness of at least 5.5 mm. The adhesive-filled indentations of the membrane transfer mechanical stresses impacting the tile covering directly to the substrate. That makes tile coverings installed on the membrane especially durable. The membrane is suitable for traffic loads of up to 3 kN/m². This includes residential and light commercial use (private homes, office and administrative spaces, restaurants, hotels, conference rooms, nursing stations and patient rooms etc.).

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0.8m x 1m Mat, 10m x 1m Roll, 1m² Unit (multiple supplied as a continuous roll)

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