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Tile Grout

Tile Grout is a mortar that is used to fill and seal the joints between tiles. Tile Grout is available in two formulations – cement based powder or epoxy resin-based paste.

Cement based tile grout is a traditional type of grout that has been used for centuries. It is composed of a pre-mixed powder blend of cements, aggregate, polymers and colouring pigments, which is mixed with water to produce a smooth, thin mortar that is easily applied. Flexible cement based grouts also include an admixture enhancement which gives the finished joints added flexibility, to accommodate movement and prevent cracks in the grout joint if the tiles move slightly as time passes. Cement based tile grout joints are porous, so applying a grout sealer once they are dry is recommended to avoid discolouration and dirt trapping over time. Cement based grout is generally cheaper and easier to apply compared to epoxy grout, making it the most popular choice for most tiling applications. It is supplied as a powder, in sealed bags made of paper or plastic.

Epoxy tile grout is a two part paste mixture which is comprised of a coloured grout paste (Part A) and a hardening liquid agent (Part B). These are supplied in pre-gauged, separate packs within a plastic tub, that are to be mixed completely together. When they are mixed together, a chemical reaction occurs which allows the paste to cure. Epoxy tile grout is considered a very high performance grout compared to traditional cement based grout, with the following joint characteristics:

  • Excellent mechanical and chemical resistance, therefore excellent durability.
  • A smooth final surface with low water absorption, therefore easy to clean; ensures hygiene.
  • Easy workability and finishing.
  • Becomes very hard and is highly resistant to heavy traffic.
  • No shrinkage, therefore absence of cracks and fissures.
  • Uniform colours that are resistant to ultra-violet rays and atmospheric agents.
  • Excellent bonding.

As such, epoxy tile grout is recommended for use in high traffic, high use areas in both domestic and commercial areas. However, epoxy grout can be difficult to apply – if the grout residue is not removed completely after application it can result in hazing, which is very difficult if not impossible to remove once cured. Using an epoxy cleaning detergent when cleaning epoxy grout residues will prevent this.

We stock cement based and epoxy tile grouts from the most well-known and respected brands within the tiling industry, such as Ardex, BAL, Kerakoll, Tilemaster, Mapei, Instarmac, and weber.

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