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Schluter DITRA HEAT Matting

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Schluter DITRA HEAT Matting is polyethylene membrane with a cut-back stud structure and an anchoring fleece laminated on the underside. It is a universal substrate for tile coverings, which serves as an uncoupling, crack bridging, waterproofing, vapour pressure equalization layer and is designed to be used as a carrying membrane for the Schluter DITRA HEAT E HK Heating Cable.

Schluter DITRA HEAT Matting is available in either 12 metre rolls (12m length x 1m width) or 0.8m² mats (0.8m x 1m).

Schluter DITRA HEAT Matting can be used on both walls and floors. The Schluter DITRA HEAT E HK Heating Cable snaps easily into place in the matting without the need for fasteners or clips. The heating cable can be installed wherever it is necessary in the matting, meaning you can put heating cables only under the areas that you want to heat – creating a cost efficient and effective under tile heating installation.

Schluter DITRA HEAT Matting is non-rotting, waterproof, elastic and crack-bridging. The material is highly resistant to solutions containing salts, acids and alkalis, as well as many organic solvents, alcohols and oils. The suitability of the material must be verified based on the specific chemical stresses, including the anticipated concentration, temperature and length of exposure. The water vapour diffusion seal of the material is relatively high. The material is physiologically safe. In special cases, the suitability of the material must be verified based on the anticipated chemical and mechanical stresses.

Due to the special characteristics of the system, coverings installed over Schluter DITRA HEAT Matting may have a certain hollow sound when they are walked upon with hard shoes or tapped with a hard object. The use of the matting in conjunction with heating cables for floor/wall heating is only approved for interior areas. The matting is also available with a special sound-proofing thermal barrier fleece – Schluter DITRA HEAT DUO. This matting features a special thermal fleece laminated to the underside which bonds with the adhesive, while also reducing impact sound and enabling a faster heat-up response for the tiled covering.

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0.8m x 1m Mat, 12m x 1m Roll