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Pre-formed Shower Trays

Pre-formed Shower Trays are designed to create a fully waterproof base beneath a tiled floor in a shower or wet room. Tiling onto timber can often create problems if water seeps through, as it can cause tiles to lift and water to leak through the floor. Pre-formed shower trays solve this problem by providing a rigid, water proof base which will not leak. Constructed from a rigid polystyrene core coated with a cement-based slurry, they are ready to tile onto straight out of the box, and are easy to install and configure. These trays come with pre-formed falls, which direct the water towards the shower trap outlet. We stock shower trays from well regarded brands such as wedi, Schluter, JACKOBOARD, Impey and Dukkaboard. Click here to view the range of matching Shower Traps & Accessories.

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