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BAL Flexbone 2Easy Uncoupling Membrane

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BAL Flexbone 2Easy Uncoupling Membrane is a loose laid uncoupling mat, providing a floating system over difficult substrates such as bitumen and anhydrite screeds for new tiling. It is also ideal to protect existing floor coverings. Measures 1 metre wide (plus 50mm mesh overlap) and comes in rolls of 20 metres in length. Thickness of the membrane is 3mm.

BAL Flexbone 2Easy Uncoupling Membrane is ideal for the installation of large format, ceramic and porcelain tiles, slabs and natural stone with a minimum 200mm x 200mm format size. It is a 100% loose lay mat without the need to bond to the substrate.

BAL Flexbone 2Easy Uncoupling Membrane can be used on most internal and difficult floor substrates, providing the surface is flat (SR1 minimum). It counteracts and therefore minimises tension stresses between substrate and rigid floor finish to be installed. It prevents reflective cracking caused by shrinkage cracks, board joints and lateral movement.

BAL Flexbone 2Easy Uncoupling Membrane is suitable for internal flooring; renovation and new construction, domestic and commercial areas in medium duty applications. It is suitable for light trafficked commercial areas such as office walkways, department store concessions, trade show stands etc. It is suitable for car showrooms, if cars are manually moved (not driven) onto completed tiled floors. It is recommended for heated floors, new cement screeds, rigid and deflection free timber and existing load bearing floor surfaces.

BAL Flexbone 2Easy Uncoupling Membrane is NOT suitable for: Exterior environments, Substrates with deflection (vertical movements), Uneven floor surfaces, Cement:sand screed subjected to curling, Bridging movement joints, Heavy traffic areas, and when using some levelling clip systems (which lift up the tile edges).

Additional Benefits:

  • Fast installation: Preparation of level, solid floors only requires a simple sweep of the floor. No removal of residue, laitance or priming required with immediate tiling to contaminated and stained floors, wooden floors, cracked screeds and mixed substrates.
  • Significantly reduced labour time and costs: Minimal preparation (above) with no residue remover, tools or adhesive required to bond down the mat.
  • Fast-track tiling for fresh screeds: Laid on cement:sand screeds when they are ready to be walked on, or fresh calcium sulfate screeds up to a maximum of 1.5% CM residual moisture
  • Tiled surface can be easily removed and replaced: perfect for rental properties, heritage projects and retail stores as well as domestic projects.

BAL Flexbone 2Easy Uncoupling Membrane can be loose laid on most floor background types providing the surface is level and flat, brushed clean, suitably load-bearing and pressure resistant.

  • New and existing cement:sand screeds/concrete.
  • Calcium Sulfate/Anhydrite (Gypsum) based screeds.
  • Bitumen Surfaces and Mastic Asphalt screeds.
  • Wooden Surfaces.
  • Substrates with problem adhesion such as contaminated areas.
  • Ideal for heritage floor areas where existing floors must be protected.

1. The substrate must be even, load bearing and swept free from debris. Only if necessary, the floor can be levelled using a suitable BAL smoothing and levelling compound such as BAL Level Max.
2. Roll out the BAL Flexbone 2Easy with the blue mesh side up. Roll out from the corner and cut precisely to the required length and sizes as required for the floor. Trim off any excesses around up-stands using scissors or a utility knife. Note: leave a 6mm movement joint around the perimeter or use BAL Aquadrain Edge foam strip.
3. Butt joint the edges of the membrane. The overlapping blue mesh covers the joints between the roll lengths. BAL Flexbone 2Easy is to be laid with all necessary expansion joints in place. To ensure freedom of movement of the subsequent covering structure, tape all movement joints using a suitable proprietary self-adhesive tape to protect against the entry of the wet adhesive bedding material through the joints onto the existing floor during the installation.
4. Apply the BAL Flexbone 2Easy Jointing Mesh Tape to all membrane roll end joints.
5. To apply tiles, mix and apply a BAL flexible adhesive to the mat using a Thick Bed Solid Bed Trowel. If using a Large Format Trowel, ensure the final bed thickness of the tile adhesive does not exceed 5mm over the BAL Flexbone 2Easy.
6. Once the BAL Flexible tile adhesive is dry, select a suitable grout such as BAL Micromax2 Tile Grout. BAL Micromax Sealant may be used for all perimeter movement joints (but not for acid-sensitive tiles.)
7. Ensure you follow all manufacturer installation instructions for the adhesive used and all applicable industry standards.

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BAL Flexbone 2Easy Jointing Tape 25m, BAL Flexbone 2Easy Membrane 20m Roll