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wedi Subliner Dry and Flex Membrane

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wedi Subliner Dry and Flex Membrane is a combined waterproofing and decoupling membrane made from tear-resistant polypropylene foil with a special anchoring fleece. It features the combined qualities of the wedi Subliner Dry Waterproofing Membrane and wedi Subliner Flex Decoupling Membrane to provide an all-in-one solution.

wedi Subliner Dry and Flex Membrane is for indoor and outdoor use and is approved for wet areas under high loads.

wedi Subliner Dry and Flex Membrane measures 1 metre wide, 0.87mm thick and is available in 15 metre rolls or per linear metre (supplied as a single roll).

wedi Subliner Dry and Flex Membrane Features:

  • Watertight and water vapour proof
  • Decoupling and stress-reducing
  • Flexible and crack-bridging
  • High tear strength
  • Alkali-resistant
  • Resistant to ageing and does not rot
  • Easy to process
  • Quick installation
  • Low structural height
  • Suitable for application on hot-water and electric floor heating systems
  • High composite adhesion with wedi laying materials
  • Resistance to chemicals according to DIN EN 1847

Laying Surface Requirements:

  • All surfaces must be solid, load-bearing and even.
  • Surfaces must be free from dust, dirt, loose components and separating agents such as oil, grease, wax, varnishes and paint.
  • Wooden floorboards must be solid and stable and must not deflect. Loose or springing floorboards must be screwed down. The permitted moisture content of the type of wood must be noted. Old paint on wooden floorboards must be sanded off first. Joints and holes must be sealed first. Installation on wood is approved only for indoor areas.
  • Any absorbent, mineral surfaces must be primed. Smooth or non-absorbent surfaces that cannot be removed must also be primed.
  • For use on heated screeds, the applicable notices of the Federation of the German Construction Industry concerning floor coverings on heated floor constructions must be observed.
  • Concrete and lightweight concrete have to be at least 3 months old.
  • The residual moisture content must not exceed the following values:
    Cement screeds*: 3.5 %
    Calcium sulphate screeds: 0.5 %
    Heated calcium sulphate screeds: 0.3 %
    Gypsum based plasters: 1.0 %
    (measurement with CM instrument)
    * Evenness must be ensured, no laying on concave surfaces.
  • Mastic asphalt screeds are to be completely sanded and require a minimum hardness according to EN 13813 IC10, IC15.


  1. Lay out wedi Subliner Dry and Flex and cut to size with a cutter or scissors.
  2. Apply thin-layer mortar (recommended: wedi 320) on the prepared underground with a 4 or 6-mm grooved trowel.
  3. Apply wedi Subliner Dry and Flex with the printed side upwards joint to joint and press it on with a rubber roller or wooden board.
  4. Remove escaping mortar and air pockets. Avoid cross joints.
  5. Cover the individual mats at the joint areas with cement sealants for waterproof adhesion with wedi sealing tape. The sealing tape is to be applied centrally on the joint.
  6. Press on the joint area with a trowel or rubber roller.
  7. Seal corner and floor joints with wedi sealing tape and cement sealant.
  8. In the areas of thin bed floor drains, the mat is cut out around the drain opening. wedi Subliner Dry and Flex mat is to be tightly adhered with cement sealant in the entire flange area up to the drain opening.
  9. wedi Subliner Dry and Flex is to be separated at existing expansion joints, building joints and connecting joints and to be arranged in loops at the joint connections using wedi sealing tape.
  10. Wall tiles can be directly applied after adhesion of the mat. On floors, the adhesive under the mat has to harden as otherwise, unevenness may occur when walking over it (recommended: wedi 320, wedi 360).
  11. For laying of tiles, hydraulic thin-layer mortar is applied on wedi Subliner Dry and Flex for full embedding of the tiles. For coverings subject to chemical loads, appropriate reaction resin adhesives and grouts are to be applied.

Technical Data:
Material base: polyethylene foil with fleece lining on both sides
Base Top: grey
Bottom: black
Mat width: 1 m
Mat length: 15 m
Mat thickness: 0.87 mm
Weight: 365 g/m2
Processing temperature: +5°C up to +30°C
Temperature resistance: -30°C up to +90°C
Watertightness: see abP general building inspection test certificate
Equivalent air layer thickness (sd): ca. 85 m
Fire behaviour EN 13501: E
Watertightness according to DIN EN 1928: >= 1.5 bar

Product Datasheet Installation Instructions

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