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Tile Levelling Systems

Tile Levelling Systems are designed to eliminate tile lippage when laying tiles, which is a common problem for every tiler.

Tile lippage occurs when the edge of an installed tile is higher or lower than the one that it is laid next to, creating a raised edge, or lip. This can be caused by several factors, such as an uneven adhesive bed or underlying substrate, bent or bowed tiles, or installer error. Lippage is unsightly and can ruin the look and feel of a finished tiling installation. In severe cases it can even be a trip hazard, particularly on floors.

Using a Tile Levelling System completely eliminates or at the very least least significantly reduces tile lippage. Tile Levelling Systems work by mechanically locking the adjacent edges of two tiles together so that they are level with one another, until the adhesive bed has completely set. Then removed, leaving behind a perfectly level and even floor.

There are many different designs and brands of Tile Levelling Systems on the market today – but all work in much the same way to achieve a common goal. The original and still most popular method, first invented by Raimondi, consists of a plastic clip, a flat-bottomed wedge and hand pliers to force the wedge into the clip to produce the levelling effect. The second most popular method is the screw cap and clip, which uses a simple hand rotated screwing mechanism to produce the levelling effect.

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