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BAL Grout Flex Wall Tile Grout

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BAL Grout Flex Wall Tile Grout is a highly flexible, water/frost-resistant cementitious tile grout for walls. Available in 5 colours: White, Jasmine Cream, Light Grey, Mid Grey, Dark Grey. Comes in either 10kg or 5kg bags. Sets in 24 hours (at 20°C).

BAL Grout Flex Wall Tile Grout can be used for:

  • Grouting porcelain, glazed and fully vitrified, glass and ceramic mosaics, marble and natural stone in dry and wet interior and exterior environments. Follow guidelines to BS Standards (minimum 2mm joints for walls and 3mm for floors, size can change depending on size of tile and environments), Contact BAL TECHNICAL ADVISORY AND SPECIFICATION SERVICE for more information.
  • For Joint widths up to 5mm.
  • Recommended for swimming pools (hard water).

Restrictions: BAL Grout Flex Wall Tile Grout is NOT suitable for:

  • *Food preparation/*storage areas, * Spas, * Jacuzzis, *Chemical Plants, Power Showers with body jets and areas requiring *waterproof grouting. *These applications are better suited to a BAL EASYPOXY AG Grout.

BAL Grout Flex Wall Tile Grout Mix/Usage Data:

Powder/Water Ratio: 3:1 (by weight)
Pot Life at 20°C: 2 hours
Cure Time at 20°C: 24 hours. Drying time will be extended in colder temperatures, when fixing to impervious backgrounds or when fixing tiles of low porosity.
Specific Gravity: 1.77/cm³

Surface Preparation:

Before grouting, ensure that:

  1. Tile adhesive has fully set, as indicated on adhesive packaging or BAL Technical Data Sheet.
  2. Open joints clear from excess adhesive and are protected from contamination – and are clean, dry and free from loose debris.
  3. Be consistent with the amount of clean cold water used with the cement-based grout from mix to mix when grouting larger areas.
  4. Lighting conditions during the installation of tile fixing and grouting should not be ‘appreciably different’ from the final (permanent) lighting. Where possible, check the grout colour with the final lighting conditions.
  5. Check colour consistency when using the same grout when applied between different tile types i.e. porous bodied or porous stone tiles vs. porcelain or denser stone.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do NOT use BAL Grout Flex Wall Tile Grout in temperatures below 5°C or in damp conditions.
If grouting porous tiles in temperatures above 25°C, dampen joints with clean water prior to grouting. If grouting externally, provide protection against inclement weather during grouting and for as long as possible afterwards. It is recommended that all external tiling applications include a DPM or a surface DPM can be applied prior to tiling (e.g. BAL DPM).

If grouting a shower installation, BAL Grout Flex Wall Tile Grout is water-resistant but NOT impervious to water and not a substitute for waterproof systems.

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White, Jasmine Cream, Light Grey, Mid Grey, Dark Grey


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