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weberjoint Premium Tile Grout

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weberjoint Premium Tile Grout is a premium flexible wall & floor tile grout which is scratch-resistant, water-repellent and contains PURE CLEAN anti-stain technology. Suitable for interior and exterior use in situations where some movement or vibration is expected.

weberjoint Premium Tile Grout is a flexible grout which can be used for grouting ceramic, porcelain, mosaic, quarry, natural stone, terrazzo and terracotta tiles. It can be used for grouting joints between floor and wall tiles and is suitable for use in dry and wet conditions. weberjoint Premium Tile Grout is recommended for use when tiling onto wooden floors and recommended when tiling floors with underfloor heating or under tile warming installed.

weberjoint Premium Tile Grout is available in the following colours, in 5kg bags: White, Ice Grey, Platinum, Grey, Silver Grey, Misty Grey, Storm Grey, Slate, Charcoal, Black, Ivory, Jasmine, Limestone, Sandstone, Beige, Natural, Dark Sand, Brown.


  • Rapid setting
  • PURE CLEAN anti-stain technology
  • Smooth, durable and efflorescence resistant finish
  • Joint widths from 1 to 20mm
  • Scratch resistant formulation is ideal for grouting soft-faced stone such as marble
  • Water repellent surface for reduced water penetration
  • Our best grout for use in swimming pools
  • Contains Mould Stop Technology for lasting protection from mould growth
  • Available in 18 colours with matching silicones available from the weberjoint silicone range
  • Exceeds the requirements of BS EN 13888 – CG2 WA

Things to consider:

  • weberjoint Premium Tile Grout is not suitable if the grout is required to be chemically resistant or completely impermeable, instead use weberepox easy.

Technical Data:

Joint width: 1-20mm
Working time (pot life): 25-30 minutes
Set time: 2 hours
Application temperature: 5°C to 25°C
Temperature resistance: Frost resistant once set
Water addition: Approx. 4 parts grout to 1 part water (1.3 litres per bag)
Note: Setting times are quoted at 20°C and are temperature and humidity dependent.

Product Datasheet

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White 5kg, Ice Grey 5kg, Platinum 5kg, Grey 5kg, Silver Grey 5kg, Misty Grey 5kg, Storm Grey 5kg, Slate 5kg, Charcoal 5kg, Black 5kg, Ivory 5kg, Jasmine 5kg, Limestone 5kg, Sandstone 5kg, Beige 5kg, Natural 5kg, Dark Sand 5kg, Brown 5kg