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Ardex WA Epoxide Tile Grout And Adhesive

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Ardex WA Epoxide Tile Grout And Adhesive is a solvent free, epoxide resin-based thin bed adhesive and grouting compound, for use where chemical resistance is required or where cement-based grouts are inappropriate.

Comes in two colours, white or grey, in 4kg packs.

Ardex WA Epoxide Tile Grout And Adhesive is suitable for fixing and grouting all types of ceramic tiles, glass and ceramic mosaics in internal and external situations. When fully cured, the Ardex WA mortar provides a decorative, waterproof, weather and frost resistant joint from 2-12mm wide that is chemically resistant.

The BS EN 12004 R2 T designation for Ardex WA Epoxide Tile Grout And Adhesive classifies the adhesive as an ‘improved reaction resin adhesive with additional characteristics and reduced slip’.

Ardex WA is especially suitable for use in swimming pools, showers, bathrooms, shops, abattoirs, dairies, hospitals, hydrotherapy and spa baths, sports centres and other specialised buildings where high standards of hygiene and cleanliness are required. The hardened mortar can withstand full loads after 2 days curing at normal temperatures and after 7 days it is resistant to aqueous salt solutions, chlorine water, commercial cleaning agents, alkalies as weIl as a wide range of dilute mineral acids. The hardened Ardex WA mortar is resistant to normal domestic cleaning agents, swimming pool detergents, etc.

Spillages such as coffee, tea, fruit juices, e.g. blackcurrant, etc., may stain the surface of the grout if not cleaned off immediately. Ardex WA has not been tested in accordance with Commission directive 1895/2005 and as such should not be used in direct contact with food, e.g. on food preparation surfaces. Ardex WA is however suitable for floors, walls and other surfaces in areas where food is prepared and a hygienic easily cleaned surface is required.

Fixing Coverage:
A 4kg unit of is sufficient for approximately 1.4m2 of tiles or 2.2m2 of medium or small mosaics.

Grouting Coverage:
This will depend upon the tile size, joint width and depth and the Grout Coverage Figure, which is 1.5. Use the following grout calculator to estimate the approximate grout requirements for square or rectangular tiles :

Technical Data:
Mixing ratio: Primary Paste W: Hardener A = 3:1
by weight
Working time: approximately 85 mins at 20°C
Walk on time: approximately 12 hours

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White 4kg, Grey 4kg