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Mapei Keracolor Flex Tile Grout

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Mapei Keracolor Flex Tile Grout is a high performance, flexible, water repellent contemporary grout for joint widths from 1-6 mm.

Mapei Keracolor Flex has been specifically developed to complement today’s contemporary tile designs and décor. Available in a choice of modern colours for use with a wide range of tiled finishes including ceramic, porcelain, natural stone and glass tiles and mosaics. Once cured the grout provides a fine gently textured surface creating a very appealing contemporary feel.

Mapei Keracolor Flex is water repellent and flexible with excellent performance in wet areas and in areas where there is thermal change such as heated tiled floors.

Some application examples:

  • Grouting floor and wall tiled finishes.
  • Grouting kitchens, bathrooms and conservatories.
  • Grouting showers, wet rooms and swimming pools.
  • Grouting internal or external tiled finishes.
  • Grouting glazed ceramic tiles and polished porcelain.
  • Grouting tiled finishes with underfloor/undertile heating.
  • Grouting external facades

Technical Characteristics
Mapei Keracolor Flex Tile Grout is a blend of specially selected hydraulic binders, very fine graded aggregates, polymers, additives and colorants. High quality hydrophobic additives (Drop Effect® technology) enhance the grout’s technical performance imparting water repellent properties to the surface, which reduces dirt pickup and increases the grout’s durability and longevity. When mixed at the correct water ratio and applied appropriately to the joints, the following properties are obtained:

  • water repellent surface;
  • joint widths from 1 to 6 mm;
  • good compressive and flexural strengths;
  • good resistance to freeze/thaw cycles;
  • gently textured surface with low water absorption;
  • very good resistance to abrasion;
  • good resistance to thermal change and vibration;
  • for use on heated floors;
  • for use on tiled finishes over wooden substrates;
  • good resistance to oils, solvents and alkaline cleaning materials.

Mapei Keracolor Flex can also be mixed with Fugolastic, which further improves the performance of the grout. This high quality polymer additive effectively improves the characteristics of the grout when used on balconies and facades exposed to harsh weather conditions or when used in leisure pools with wave machines or in external locations. For further information refer to the Fugolastic technical data sheet. Note: when adding Fugolastic the grout may appear darker than when mixed with water alone.


  • Do not add any additional cements or aggregates to Mapei Keracolor Flex. Mix only with clean water or Fugolastic.
  • When mixing the grout, ensure that the correct water ratio is used each time. Over watering the grout may lead to a whitish film (efflorescence) on the surface or a patchy finish. Variation in water ratio from batch to batch may result in differing colour shades.
  • Do not use Mapei Keracolor Flex on kitchen worktops or in other areas where hygiene is important. For these areas use Mapei Kerapoxy Design, Kerapoxy or Kerapoxy CQ.
  • When grouting with Mapei Keracolor Flex certain types of tile/mosaic may discolour or stain due to the surface characteristics (microporosity). Certain rough textured tiles may also be problematical when grouting. It is recommended that a trial area is carried out and where necessary an appropriate sealer is used with these tiles before grouting.
    Prevent any sealer from entering the empty grout joints. When grouting natural stone, ensure they are sealed and grouted in strict adherence to the stone manufacturer’s / supplier’s recommendations.
  • Certain types of tile/mosaic including natural stone with softer surfaces or those with metal décor or lustre may become scratched or dulled when using Mapei Keracolor Flex. It is recommended that a trial area is carried out before commencing grouting.
  • Although the grout is produced to exacting quality control measures there will inevitably be small variations in shade from batch to batch. Therefore ensure that grout from the same batch is used in adjacent areas in order to achieve a constant colour shade.
  • When cleaning the tiled finish once in service, it is recommended that pH neutral or mildly alkaline detergents only are used. Acidic cleaners will affect the grout surface and may lead to damage and discolouration.
  • Highly absorbent tiles may lighten the final colour of the grout. When grouting tiles of different absorbency the grout may optically appear slightly different.
  • Never fill an expansion/movement joint with Mapei Keracolor Flex. Use an appropriate elastic sealant such as Mapei Mapesil AC or Mapesil LM.
  • Although Mapei Keracolor Flex is polymer modified enhancing the grout’s resistance to deformation and vibration, all substrates, including wooden substrates, must be firmly supported and be free from deflection.

Set to light foot traffic:
Floors can be subjected to light foot traffic after approx. 24 hours.

Ready for use:
Floors are ready for full service conditions after approx. 7 days. Showers can be used after approx. 48 hours and swimming pools can be filled approx. 7 days after grouting where the pool has been refurbished or after 3 weeks for new build pools.

The consumption of Mapei Keracolor Flex depends on the joint dimensions, i.e. width and depth, as well as the surface area of the tile. Use the grout calculator below to calculate how much grout you are likely to need for your application.

Mapei Keracolor Flex is available in 7 contemporary colours: Pearl (321), Oyster (318), White Sand (316), Pebble (317), Limestone (299), Sand Storm (319) and Soft Stone (320).

Technical Data:

Type: fine powder
Colour: 7 colours from the MAPEI range
Bulk density (kg/m³): 1,000-1,400
Dry solids content (%): 100
EMICODE: EC1 R Plus – very low emission
Application Data (at +23°C and 50% R.H.)
Mixing ratio: 100 parts of Keracolor Flex with 28-30 parts of water by weight depending on the colour
Consistency of mix: fluid paste
Density of the mix (kg/m³): 2,000
pH of mix: approx. 13
Pot life of mix: approx. 2 hours
Application temperature: from +5°C to +35°C
Grouting after installation:
– on walls bonded with normal setting adhesive: 4-8 hours
– on walls bonded with fast setting adhesive: 1-2 hours
– on walls laid with mortar: 2-3 days
– on floors bonded with normal setting adhesive: 24 hours
– on floors bonded with fast setting adhesive: 3-4 hours
– on floors laid with mortar: 7-10 days
Waiting time for finishing: 10-20 minutes
Set to light foot traffic: 24 hours
Ready for use: 7 days

Product Datasheet

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Additional information

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299 Limestone 5kg, 316 White Sand 5kg, 317 Pebble 5kg, 318 Oyster 5kg, 319 Sand Storm 5kg, 320 Soft Stone 5kg, 321 Pearl 5kg