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Ardex-Flex FS Tile Grout

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Ardex-Flex FS Tile Grout is a cement based, flexible tile grout with built in admix, which negates the need to add a separate admix.

Ardex-Flex FS Tile Grout has excellent water resistance and flexibility properties. Ardex-Flex FS Tile Grout is suitable for grouting joints up to 4mm wide, between porcelain, ceramic, non-moisture sensitive natural stone and quarry tiles, as well as extruded tiles and glass blockwork. Once hardened, Ardex-Flex FS Tile Grout is weather resistant, unaffected by water, and can be used for internal and external tiling in dry and wet locations, including swimming pools with non-aggressive water conditions.

Ardex-Flex FS Tile Grout is formulated to blend to a uniform colour, ensuring a consistent, streak-free finish, and it is suitable for commercial and domestic locations including swimming pools, showers and kitchens.

Ardex-Flex FS Tile Grout can be applied to both wall and floor tile joints and can receive foot traffic after 5 hours at 20°C.

Ardex-Flex FS Tile Grout is available in 35 colours: Brilliant White, Blossom White, Antique Ivory, Spring Jasmine, Gentle Dawn, Natural Almond, Classic Vanilla, Floating Driftwood, Fresh Snowdrop, Gentle Blush, Stone Beach, Barley Sugar, Fresh Magnolia, Wild Mushroom, Oyster Pink, Organic Earth, Dove Grey, Silver Shimmer, Ocean Grey, Slate Grey, Pebble Drift, Grey Dusk, Stormy Mist, Cast Iron, Innocent Black, Coffee Bean, Ground Cocoa, Burnt Orange, Winter White, Spring Green, Summer Yellow, Autumn Red, Weathered Ash, Woodland Taupe, Pecan Syrup.

Ardex Colour Chart

FS/FL Colour Chart

Some of the most popular colours are also available in Ardex ST Silicone for a perfect colour match.

Where chemical spillages or corrosive liquids are likely to be in contact with the tile joints, use either ARDEX WA Epoxide Adhesive and Grout or ARDEX EG 8 PLUS Epoxide Adhesive and Grout.

This will depend upon the tile size, joint width and depth and the grout coverage figure, which for Ardex-Flex FS is 1.5.

Use the following to estimate the approximate grout requirements for square or rectangular tiles:-

Stage (all measurements in mm)
1. ADD length and breadth of tile together.
2. MULTIPLY result by joint width.
3. MULTIPLY result by joint depth.
4. MULTIPLY result by Grout Coverage Figure (i.e. for Ardex-Flex FS, this is 1.5).
5. DIVIDE result by length of tile.
6. DIVIDE result by breadth of tile.
The result is the material requirement in kg per sq. metre.

Technical Data:
Working time approx. 2.5 hours
Initial Set (Vicat) approx. 3 hours
Final Set (Vicat) approx. 4 hours
Bulk density of powder approx. 1.2 kg/litre
Density of fresh mortar approx. 1.9 kg/litre

Product Datasheet

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Antique Ivory, Autumn Red, Barley Sugar, Blossom White, Brilliant White, Burnt Orange, Cast Iron, Classic Vanilla, Coffee Bean, Dove Grey, Floating Driftwood, Fresh Magnolia, Fresh Snowdrop, Gentle Blush, Gentle Dawn, Grey Dusk, Ground Cocoa, Innocent Black, Natural Almond, Ocean Grey, Organic Earth, Oyster Pink, Pebble Drift, Pecan Syrup, Silver Shimmer, Slate Grey, Spring Green, Spring Jasmine, Stone Beach, Stormy Mist, Summer Yellow, Weathered Ash, Wild Mushroom, Winter White, Woodland Taupe


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