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Ardex MG Natural Stone Tile Grout

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Ardex MG Natural Stone Tile Grout is suitable for grouting moisture-sensitive natural stone or marble wall or floor tile joints up to 8mm wide. The BS EN 13888 classification for Ardex MG is CG2WA, an “improved cementitious grout with additional characteristics of reduced water absorption and high abrasion resistance”.

Ardex MG Natural Stone Tile Grout is for use on walls and floors, and can be walked on after 1 and a half hours.

Ardex MG comes in white, light grey, dark grey, limestone and sandstone colours, in 11kg bags.

Ardex MG Natural Stone Tile Grout contains RAPIDRY FORMULA Technology that binds the mix water within the grout, virtually eliminating the risk of water staining around the tile edges.

The powder, when mixed with water, produces a soft, creamy, easily worked mortar with good filling properties, enabling deep joints to be filled in one operation. The surface of the hardened grout has a textured finish and is not impervious.

Suitable for use with wall and floor tiling in dry and intermittently wet internal locations.

This will depend upon the natural stone size, joint width and depth and the Grout Coverage Figure, which for Ardex MG is 1.45. Use the grout calculator below to estimate the approximate grout requirements for square or rectangular tiles:

Technical Data:
Bulk density of powder: approximately 1.3kg/ltr
Weight of fresh mortar: approximately 1.9kg/ltr
Working time (200C): approximately 1/2 hour
Walkability (200C): after approximately 1+1/2 hrs

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Dark Grey 11kg, Light Grey 11kg, Limestone 11kg, Sandstone 11kg, White 11kg