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Ardex WPM 200 Damp Proof Membrane

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Ardex WPM 200 Damp Proof Membrane is a solvent free, low viscosity, two component, polymer modified epoxy coating. After hardening it produces a membrane with high inherent strength and excellent bond to appropriate substrates, including very damp concrete and screeds.

Ardex WPM 200 accommodates hygrometer readings up to 98% RH and has excellent resistance to water, grease, oil, aqueous salt solution, and spillages of a range of dilute mineral and organic acids and organic liquids and solutions.

Ardex WPM 200 has been specifically developed to provide a water and water vapour barrier, or priming layer to concrete, screeded, rendered or masonry surfaces, steel and other vertical as well as horizontal hard surfaces.

Ardex WPM 200 is ideal for use on raised access floors, ground floor slabs, swimming pool surrounds and shower areas, plant rooms, sewage plants and marine applications. When dressed with a suitable aggregate (such as Ardex Fine Aggregate) it will provide a reduced slip wearing surface for pedestrian traffic, or when sand blinded used as a waterproof key for tile bedding or renders. NOTE: Ardex WPM 200 is not suitable for use in contact with potable water.

Any joints or cracks in the substrate subject to movement, such as structural movement joints, must not be bridged with Ardex WPM 200. These joints must be treated with a flexible impervious jointing system and be carried through construction joints to the surface finish, and corners should incorporate ARDEX WPM 200 Flexible Jointing and Reinforcing Tape.

Approximately 4.8m²/ltr (4m²/kg) e.g. when mixed a 5 litre unit will cover approximately 24m² per coat at 200 microns, and a 20 litre unit will cover approximately 96m² per coat at 200 microns.

Coverage rates will be reduced by rough, porous substrates; pre-smoothing with Arditex NA, Ardex K 301, Ardex S21 or AM 100 is recommended to aid application and improve yield. Masonry joints and uneven walls should be levelled using AM 100. It is essential that the applied Ardex WPM 200 is continuous and free from pinholes or cavities; otherwise an additional application will be necessary. Allow to cure between coats. The second coat can usually be applied approximately 8 hours after the first one.

Technical Data:
Mixing ratio: Component A: Component B 2:1 by weight.
Density at 20°C: 1.18
Working Time: 20 minutes at 20°C
NOTE: Both the working time and viscosity will decrease at higher temperatures, and increase at lower temperatures.
Over Coating: min 8 hours, max 24 hours at 20°C
Walkability at 20°C: 6-8 hours
Moisture vapour transmission rate : EN ISO 7783-1 1.6 g/m2/24hr
Reverse hydrostatic pressure test: Withstands 4.3 bar (65 psi) for 14 days

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