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BAL Waterproof 1C Tanking Membrane

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BAL Waterproof 1C Tanking Membrane is a complete, fast drying, one coat ready to use tanking system for internal wet areas. Comes in 5 litre containers.

BAL Waterproof 1C Tanking Membrane is for providing complete waterproofing protection of substrates prior to fixing wall and floor tiles. Suitable for use in internal domestic and commercial situations.

Key Features:

  • Brush, roller or trowel applied.
  • No mixing required and can be used again.
  • Can be used without priming.
  • Ability for one coat application.
  • Tile after 2 hours.
  • Static Cracks and board joints bridged up to 3mm without tape or matting on the floor.
  • Total waterproofing protection for internal locations.

Please note: BAL Waterproof 1C Tanking Membrane is NOT suitable for: External use, total immersion (swimming pools), barrier to prevent water ingress from background/base (e.g. DPM).


  1. BAL Waterproof 1C Tanking Membrane can be applied without priming onto plasterboard, cement:sand render, screeds, concrete, plywood overlays, BAL Board on the decorating smooth side and BAL Rapid Mat Decoupling Matting. If waterproofing onto plaster, cement boards, BAL Board on the tiling side, then prime all surfaces with one coat of neat BAL Primer 1C and allow to dry for 15-30mins.
  2. Before applying BAL Waterproof 1C, use the self-adhesive BAL Scrim Tape at: Internal and external corners of walls/partitions. Wall junctions with base/upstands/columns. At pipe penetration points/drainage channels/outlets. Junctions of different base/background materials. Cracks and board joints in backgrounds over 3mm wide.
  3. Using a suitable roller, 4mm notched trowel or brush, apply the product over the whole area including over the BAL Scrim Tape.
  4. Wall: Using a roller,4mm notched trowel or brush, apply one coat of BAL Waterproof 1C to walls but ensuring a min. 0.8mm. thickness.
  5. Floor: Apply the product to floor at a min. 1.6mm. thickness. NOTE: two coats maybe required to achieve the thickness. It is recommended to use two coats to ensure the required thickness.
  6. Allow membrane to dry for minimum 2 hours before tiling. Check the coating for pinholes. Should pinholes be present, another layer of the coating should be applied at 90 degrees to the first coating.

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