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Ardex S21 Floor Tile Bedding Mortar 22kg

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Ardex S21 Floor Tile Bedding Mortar is a special rapid hardening, pourable bedding mortar for floor tiles in internal and external locations. It is especially suitable for fixing large tiles, ceramic and brick pavers, terrazzo tiles and natural stones, etc.

Ardex S21 Floor Tile Bedding Mortar is available only in grey, in 22kg bags.

Tiles bedded in Ardex S21 can be grouted and subjected to loads 3 hours after fixing at normal temperatures. It is particularly suitable for use in situations where the tiling has to be grouted and put into use shortly after bedding, or where low temperatures would unduly extend the setting time of normal cement-based adhesives.

The BS EN 12004 C1 F designation for Ardex S21 classifies the adhesive as a “fast setting cementitious adhesive”.

Ardex S21 is a grey powder based on special cements, high quality synthetic resins and fillers, which is mixed with water to produce an easily applied mortar with a working time of approximately 30 minutes. The mortar adheres strongly to cementitious bases such as concrete, cement/sand screeds etc. Ardex S21 Floor Tile Bedding Mortar may also be used in conjunction with ARDEX E90 to provide an elastic and water repellent mortar bed. The use of E90 admix is recommended when fixing large flat backed tiles and smooth backed, dense and fully vitrified ceramics, porcelain, vitreous mosaics etc. The inclusion of E90 will enable tiles to be fixed to concrete or cement/sand screeds with underfloor heating. For further advice on fixing tiles to underfloor heating systems, contact the heating system manufacturers or ARDEX Technical Services Department.

Approximately 1.8kg of powder/m2/mm – i.e. a 22kg bag of S21 is sufficient for fixing approx. 21/2m2 of tiles with a bed thickness of 5mm and approximately 4m2 of tiles with a bed thickness of 3mm.

Technical Data:
Bulk density of powder approximately 1.4kg/litre
Weight of fresh mortar approximately 2.1kg/litre
Initial Set (Vicat) DIN 1164 approximately 1/2 hour
Final Set (Vicat) DIN 1164 approximately 11/2 hours

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