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Ardex Aggregate – Coarse / Fine

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Ardex Aggregate is for use with Ardex Subfloor Smoothing compounds where thicker applications are required, or for fully blinding epoxy primers. Available in Coarse or Fine, in 25kg bags.

Coarse Aggregate is a dry, pre-packed 3mm graded aggregate for use with Ardex Subfloor Smoothing Compounds where thicker applications are required. It is a graded dry limestone aggregate sourced from Derbyshire, in the UK. It is composed of limestone and has an angular to sub angular grain shape.

Fine Aggregate is a dry, pre-packed 1 to 1.5mm fine aggregate used for fully blinding Ardex R3E, R5E, R6E, Ardex P10 SR Crack Repair Resin and Ardex PSRS (Penetrating Screed Renovation System), to give a ‘sand paper’ finish. It is a washed and graded dry silica sand, sourced from Leighton Buzzard in Bedfordshire, UK. It’s geology is stated as lower greensand of the cretaceous period. It is composed from quartz and has a sub angular to rounded grain shape.

Both aggregates are supplied in 25kg bags.

Product Datasheet - Coarse Product Datasheet - Fine

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Coarse Aggregate 25kg, Fine Aggregate 25kg