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Arditex NA Latex Levelling Compound

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Arditex NA Latex Levelling Compound is a self-smoothing, protein free, latex levelling compound with improved flow and excellent adhesion, flexibility and moisture resistance. These unique properties ensure that Arditex NA Latex Levelling Compound can be used with confidence over almost all subfloors without priming, including ceramic tiles, bitumen and flooring grade plywood. Resilient floorcoverings can be installed after just 4 hours and ceramic tiles in as little as 3 hours.

Arditex NA Latex Levelling Compound comes in two parts as one unit, a 20kg bag of powder and a 4.85kg bottle of additive.

To level uneven internal subfloors to provide a smooth surface. Arditex NA Latex Levelling Compound can be applied on all common subfloors such as concrete and cement/sand screeds, prepared terrazzo, flooring grade asphalt, quarry tiles, internal steel floors, Ardex Damp Proof Membranes, porcelain tiles, flooring grade plywood etc. It is ideal for use where low odour products are required.

Arditex NA can also be used to encapsulate under-tile heating cables/mats onto concrete/screed/tile backing boards, prior to fixing ceramic floor tiles. Arditex NA can be laid from a feather edge up to at least 12mm in a single application or up to 30mm incorporating Ardex Coarse Aggregate.

NOTE: Arditex NA should not be used on top of vinyl, rubber, linoleum, cork or moisture sensitive floorcoverings.

Coverage is dependent upon application thickness and texture of the substrate. A rough textured surface, or slightly thicker application, will decrease coverage, whereas a smooth substrate, or slightly thinner application, will improve coverage. Therefore the actual coverage achieved on site may vary. For example, 5m² will be achieved per unit at approximately 3mm thick on a smooth surface. For other application thicknesses see the technical data section. When a unit is mixed with either an equal volume of 3mm to 8mm aggregate or Ardex Coarse Aggregate (25kg) this will cover approximately 1m² at 20mm thick. NOTE: The excellent flow and wet edge time of Arditex NA means that, in practice, thinner applications are possible which can dramatically improve coverage.

Technical Data:
Bulk density of powder approx. 1.3kg/litre
Initial Set (Vicat) approx. 1 hour
Final Set (Vicat) approx. 11/2 hours

Compressive Strength:
After 28 days approx. 16 N/mm²

Flexural Strength:
After 28 days approx. 5.5 N/mm2

Indentation Resistance:
24 Hours 15N/mm²
7 days 25N/mm²
Typically floorcoverings range between 0.5 – 6N/mm²
NOTE: 1N/mm² is the equivalent to approximately 100 Tonnes/m²

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