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Raimondi Tile Levelling System

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The Raimondi Tile Levelling System is a revolutionary new way of ensuring that all your tiles are perfectly level with one another.

The Raimondi Tile Levelling System is comprised of a thin plastic clip that is designed to be fitted in a grout joint between two tiles. A plastic wedge is then driven by a pair of specially designed pliers into the aperture in the centre of the clip until it sits flush on the surface of both tiles, so that they are both level. Once the tiles have set, the clip is easily broken off, leaving only its base bedded in the adhesive under the two tiles. The plastic wedge is fully re-useable, which saves costs on further jobs, as you only need to buy clips.

The Raimondi Tile Levelling System uses two sizes of spacer clips, 3-12 and 12-20. The 3-12 clip is for tiles that are from 3 – 12mm in thickness, and the 12-20 is for tiles that are from 12 – 20mm in thickness. Both clip sizes are 1.5mm in width (joint width). The plastic wedges work with both sizes. Use the consumption table guide linked at the bottom of the page to determine how many clip/wedges you will need for your project.

The Raimondi Tile Levelling System uses special traction-adjustable pliers that are available in two different versions, one for floor applications and one for wall applications.
The use of the pliers is recommended and is facilitates accurate levelling and speeding up the insertion of the wedge in the clips. They also optimize the pressure on the tiles being levelled.

How to use the Raimondi Tile Levelling System:

  1. After having spread the adhesive, insert the clip (base/support) underneath the tiles and along the 4 sides.
  2. According to the tile size, set one or more clips on every side of the tile.
  3. Set the tile and beat it with a rubber mallet.
  4. Insert the wedge in the clip (base) slot paying attention not to pass the breakpoint.
  5. To facilitate this operation, the use of the traction-adjustable pliers is recommended.
  6. Once the adhesive is set, the protruding part of the support has to be separated from the base, which is embedded beneath the tile edge. This can be done using a rubber mallet or even feet. Beat parallel to the joint.

Product Datasheet User Guide Consumption Table Guide

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