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Pony Tile Levelling System

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The Pony Tile Levelling System originates from Spain and is an excellent product to use when tiling to create perfectly level and consistent grout joints.

The Pony Tile Levelling System can be used on both wall and floor tiling applications, and is designed for smaller tile sizes such as porcelain planks, ceramics and other tiles. For larger and thicker tiles such as natural stone and slabs, we recommend the Mustang Tile Levelling System.

Minimum joint width required is 1mm. Suitable for tile thicknesses ranging from 3mm to 16mm.

The Pony Tile Levelling System clips are available in 3 thicknesses: 1mm, 2mm and 3mm, in different size packs. The wedges are a standard size and fit all clip sizes. Also available is a starter pack that contains 100 Clips, 100 Wedges and the Pony Levelling Tool, and is available with 1mm, 2mm, or 3mm clip sizes.

Please note: Clips, wedges & pliers are supposed to be ordered as individual items. They are not sold in kit form apart from the designated KIT Tubs.

Usage Instructions:

  • After spreading the adhesive onto the substrate, insert the base of the clip underneath the tile edge, along the 4 sides. On large tiles you may need to use more than one clip per side.
  • Ensure the tile is set firmly into the adhesive bed. Then insert the levelling wedge into the clip and use the Mustang Tile Levelling Tool push the wedge through the clip until the tiles are level.
  • Once the adhesive has set, the clip can simply be removed by tapping the clip and wedge parallel to the grout joint with a rubber mallet. Or by gently kicking them.
  • The wedges can then be swept up and stored for the next use.

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Starter Kit – 1mm Clips, Starter Kit – 2mm Clips, Starter Kit – 3mm Clips, 1mm Clips x 100, 1mm Clips x 300, 1mm Clips x 500, 1mm Clips x 5000, 2mm Clips x 100, 2mm Clips x 300, 2mm Clips x 500, 2mm Clips x 5000, 3mm Clips x 100, 3mm Clips x 300, 3mm Clips x 500, 3mm Clips x 5000, Levelling Wedges x 100, Levelling Wedges x 300, Levelling Wedges x 500, Levelling Tool