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Screw Cap / Clip Tile Levelling System

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The Screw Cap / Clip Tile Levelling System is a tool-less tile levelling system comprising of a threaded cap and clip that is tightened by hand. This system is very similar to the Raimondi VITE Tile Levelling System.

The threaded spacer clip is inserted underneath the tile edge into the adhesive bed, before the adjacent tile is laid. The screw capĀ  is then threaded onto the clip and tightened until the tiles are level. The cap is ergonomically shaped with finger grips to be easily tightened by hand and spins freely, so that caps can be placed and spun down to the tile surface in 1 second.

The cap features a hollow design so that users can see the grout joint easily on intersections.

The Screw Cap / Clip Tile Levelling System clips are suitable for use with tiles measuring 3-15mm in thickness, and are available in 1mm, 2mm and 3mm thicknesses for the corresponding tile joint width.

Once the adhesive is set, remove the cap by beating it with a white rubber mallet (or with the foot). Beat parallel to the joint line. As an alternative, unscrew the cap, remove it and beat directly on the clip (parallel to the joint line).

The Screw Cap / Clip Tile Levelling System is very economical to use – the threaded caps are extremely durable and can be re-used over and over again, so you only need to buy more clips for future applications.

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1mm Clips x 100, 2mm Clips x 100, 3mm Clips x 100, Caps x 100