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Mustang Tile Levelling System

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The Mustang Tile Levelling System is a clip and wedge levelling system designed for tiles that are 3mm to 16mm in thickness.

The Mustang Tile Levelling System is comprised of a thin plastic clip that is designed to be fitted in a grout joint between two tiles. A plastic wedge is then driven by a pair of specially designed pliers into the aperture in the centre of the clip until it sits flush on the surface of both tiles, so that they are both level. Once the tiles have set, the clip is easily broken off, leaving only its base bedded in the adhesive under the two tiles. The Mustang Tile Levelling System plastic wedge is fully re-useable, which saves costs on further jobs, as you only need to buy clips.

The Mustang Tile Levelling System clips are available in 3 thicknesses to control the width of the grout joint: 1mm, 2mm and 3mm.

The Mustang Tile Levelling System wedges are designed to accommodate medium to large format tiles. Made from solid durable red PVC, they can be re-used over and over again and are perfectly designed to work with both Mustang and Mustang +Plus base clips. The uniquely formed ridges that run along the top side of the wedge are designed to allow for height adjustment when using the handy Mustang levelling tool. Once the correct amount of pressure has been applied to the wedge, the base clip will be firmly locked in place and ensures that the adjacent tiles will have no visible edges or lippage.

The Mustang Tile Levelling System application tool is a handy time saving accessory that allows the user to quickly apply the correct amount of pressure when combining a Mustang wedge to it’s relevant base clip. Applying pressure with the tool is a quick and easy process but also provides a good indication as to where the resistance point is before any clip breakages occur.

The Mustang Tile Levelling System is also available as a starter kit in a handy tub that contains 100 x Mustang base clips (1mm, 2mm or 3mm), 100 x Mustang wedges and 1 x Mustang precision application tool. These are extremely useful for smaller installations or where only a certain quantity of base clips are required.

How to use the Mustang Tile Levelling System:

Setting the base clips: 

  • Insert the base clips underneath the exposed edges of the tiles.
  • Dependant on tile size, set one or more base clips on each side of the tile.
  • Place the adjacent tile into place on top of the recently placed clips.
  • Set the tile down and lightly beat it into place with a rubber mallet.

Inserting the wedges:

  • Insert the narrow end of the wedge into the clip.
  • The wedge will click into place and secure itself onto the ridges along the top face.
  • The wedge and base clip should now be in place.

Using the application tool:

  • You can now level the tile using the application tool.
  • Adjust the amount of torque pressure on the front and top of the application tool.
  • Place the tool over the wedge and base clip as shown in the diagram above.
  • Apply pressure to tighten the wedge and base clip together and level the tile.
  • Once set, remove the clips and wedges with a rubber mallet or by kicking them out with your feet.

For smaller tiles that are 3mm to 14mm thick, use the Pony Tile Levelling System. For tiles that are 18mm to 30mm thick, such as external porcelain pavers, use the Mustang Plus Tile Levelling Clips with the standard Mustang wedges and levelling tool.

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Mustang Starter Kit 1mm, Mustang Starter Kit 2mm, Mustang Starter Kit 3mm, 1mm Clips x 300, 2mm Clips x 300, 3mm Clips x 300, 2mm Clips x 2000, 3mm Clips x 2000, Wedges x 100, Wedges x 300, Wedges x 1500, Mustang Levelling Tool


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