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Raimondi VITE Tile Levelling System

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The Raimondi VITE Tile Levelling System is a tool-less tile levelling system comprising of a threaded cap and clip that is tightened by hand.

The threaded spacer clip is inserted underneath the tile edge into the adhesive bed, before the adjacent tile is laid. The Raimondi VITE Tile Levelling cap is then threaded onto the clip and tightened until the tiles are level. The cap is ergonomically shaped with finger grips to be easily tightened by hand and spins freely, so that caps can be placed and spun down to the tile surface in 1 second.

The Raimondi VITE cap also features a hollow design so that users can see the grout joint easily on intersections.

The Raimondi VITE Tile Levelling clips measure 1mm in width, and available in two different heights – 3-15mm for tiles measuring 3-15mm in thickness and 14-26mm for tiles measuring 14-26mm in thicknesses. The cap works with both clip sizes.

Once the adhesive is set, remove the cap by beating it with a white rubber mallet (or with the foot). Beat parallel to the joint line. As an alternative, unscrew the cap, remove it and beat directly on the clip (parallel to the joint line).

Check out our Screw Cap / Clip Tile Levelling System here for a cheaper alternative to this system.

The Raimondi VITE Tile Levelling System also features an Raimondi VITEĀ  Anti-Scratch Washer for use with delicate tiles, to prevent scratches from the twisting action on the tile surface. It is designed to be connected to the VITE Cap so that you can tighten the cap without having to hold the washer with one hand. It features a soft rubber ring on the bottom that grips on the tile surface, allowing the cap to then spin freely within the washer, and tighten to level the tile. Using this washer does not affect the levelling clips performance in terms of maximum/minimum thickness of the tiles to be levelled. The washer can be removed from the cap if not needed.

Also available is a drill attachment tool called the Raimondi VITE Xpress, which simplifies and speeds up the use of the Raimondi VITE Tile Levelling System. It features a 8mm hexagonal shaft which makes it suitable for use with all cordless screw drills with a chuck fitting. It performs 4 functions:

    1. Screw: Allows fast tightening of the cap onto the levelling clip until it sits onto the tile. A consistent tightening torque setting on the drill clutch can be utilised to achieve a consistent perfect level across the entire surface.
    2. Unscrew: Allows for quick and comfortable unscrewing by reverse rotation of the drill driver.
    3. Remove: Allows for an innovative removal of the clip once set by setting the tightening torque on the driver to its maximum setting, tightening the cap until the clip breaks.
    4. Pull apart: When separating the broken off clips/caps when the levelling job is finished can be sped up by using the drill on a reverse rotation to remove the cap from the used clip.

The Raimondi VITE Xpress tool can be used on both floors and walls, and works with individual caps as well as caps with anti-scratch washers.

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1mm Spacer Clips 3-15 x 100, 1mm Spacer Clips 3-15 x 300, 1mm Spacer Clips 14-26 x 100, 1mm Spacer Clips 14-26 x 300, VITE Caps x 100, VITE Caps x 300, VITE Anti-Scratch Washers x 100, VITE Xpress Tool