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Ardex Primers, Admixes & Ancillaries

Ardex Primers, Admixes & Ancillaries can be used on a wide range of absorbent and non-absorbent substrates, such as screeds and tile on tile applications, on both walls and floors, to provide a good bond between the substrate and levelling compound or tile adhesive.

Correct preparation is the key to a successful installation, and Ardex manufacture a range of primers that are designed to work with our flooring and tiling products.

The Ardex range also includes Construction Adhesives, Screed Repair products and Screed Additives which can be used for bonding/slurry grouts.

We sell all Ardex Primers, Admixes & Ancillaries – Ardex E25, Ardex E90, Ardex E100, Ardex E101, Ardex P4, Ardex P51, Ardex P82, Ardex DGR, Ardex R3E, Ardex R5E, Ardex R6E and the Ardex P10 SR Crack Repair Kit.

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