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Ardex P10 SR Crack Repair Resin Kit

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Ardex P10 SR Crack Repair Resin Kit is a solvent free, polymer-modified, 2 component silicate resin system. The kit is easy to use and includes stitching pins, mixing/dosing bottles and protective gloves. It is designed to be used for the rapid repair of non-structural cracks, joint sealing and as a rapid hardening general-purpose adhesive.

The Ardex P10 SR Crack Repair Resin Kit is for the rapid repair and bonding of static non-structural cracks and static joints in concrete and sand/cement screeds. It can be used as a rapid adhesive for carpet grippers, profiles and trims made of metal, plastic, wood and other materials. It is suitable for use on fully commissioned under floor heated screeds. Also suitable for residential and commercial use, but is for interior use only.

The Ardex P10 SR Crack Repair Resin Kit is easy to use, requiring no additional mixing equipment. It is fast setting and can bear loads in as little as 20 minutes. One 600ml kit is enough to repair approx. 4 linear metres. Each kit contains two 300ml plastic mixing/dosing bottles, twenty metal stitching pins and a set of protective gloves.


Surface Preparation: All substrates must be hard, sound and free of dust and other barrier materials that will inhibit adhesion to the substrate. Open up the cracks by cutting to 2/3 thickness of the substrate (note: check for the presence of electrical, heating or plumbing services before cutting). Where stitching is required, cut slots at right angles across the crack suitable to insert the metal stitching pins, at approximately 20cm intervals. Vacuum to remove all the dust and debris from the crack and cut slots. Where stitching is required insert the stitching pins into the cut slots.

Mixing: Wearing the protective gloves provided, pour Component B in to the plastic bottle of Component A and shake vigorously for approximately 15 seconds ensuring a homogenous yellow mix is achieved. (For partial quantities, the components must be mixed 1:1 by volume).

Application: After mixing, cut the end of the pouring spout, on the bottle to open it. Within the products 10 minute working time, pour the Ardex P10 SR Crack Repair Resin into the cracks and stitching slots, where stitching is required, ensuring they are filled. Remove any excess material immediately using a scraping blade to bring it flush and apply Ardex Fine Aggregate to the surface to provide a suitable key for subsequent applications of levelling compounds or tile adhesives.

When applying Ardex Fine Aggregate as a sand blind, ensure this is carried out whilst the Ardex P10 SR is still fresh. Blinding is a full covering of dry Ardex Fine Aggregate onto the wet Ardex P10 SR surface. Excess fine aggregate must be removed by brushing or vacuum after the Ardex P10 SR has set (typically 20 minutes at 20°C), leaving a sand paper like finish as a mechanical key.

The product can receive loads in as little as 20 minutes, and is ready to receive levelling and smoothing compounds or tile adhesives, in as little as 40 minutes. To fix profiles and grippers, a paste like consistency can be achieved by leaving the material in the bottle after mixing, for a few minutes. Apply and fix immediately once the desired consistency is achieved. Fresh spills of materials can be removed with a suitable tool cleaner. Hardened material must be mechanically removed.

If in any doubt trials of the product are recommended. Note: Apply Ardex P10 SR only at temperatures above 15°C. The hardening times are dependent upon site conditions and will be extended at lower temperatures and shortened at higher temperatures.

Technical Data:
Mixing Ratio: 1:1 by volume
Bulk Density: Component A: 1,13 g/cm² Component B: 1,48 g/cm²
Working time (20°C): Approx. 10 minutes
Workability (20°C): 20 minutes
Coverage: Each 600ml kit will repair approximately 4 linear meters – depending upon the depth/width of crack to be repaired.

Product Datasheet Usage Instructions

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