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Ardex R3E Epoxy Primer

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Ardex R3E Epoxy Primer is a two component solvent free epoxy resin for use with Ardex polyurethane screeds, self-smoothing epoxy floor coatings and Ardex cement/sand screeds. Blind with Ardex Fine Aggregate and use as a primer prior to application of the Ardex SD-T Industrial Floor System, or other appropriate Ardex cement-based products. Where surfaces are very porous, more than one coat of Ardex R3E Epoxy Primer may be required to achieve the desired bonding efficiency.

For applications on new concrete or where the relative humidity (RH) of the substrate is in excess of 75%, Ardex Damp Proof Membrane should be used. If the substrate is particularly smooth, the surface of the Ardex R3E Epoxy Primer should be seeded with Ardex Fine Aggregate immediately after application to give a mechanical key to facilitate installation of resin screeds and toppings.

Physical Properties:
Working time: 20 mins at 20°C
Walkability: 6-8 hours at 20°C
Ardex R3E Epoxy Primer should be allowed to cure prior to the installation of the final floor finish, typically 24 hours at 20°C.

Approximately 24m2 per 6kg unit.

6kg units of Ardex R3E Epoxy Primer are supplied in pre-gauged metal duo containers. The hardener (component B) is in the small container and the resin (component A) is in the large container with room to mix in the hardener (component B).

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