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Ardex E25 Mortar Admix 5kg

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Ardex E25 Mortar Admix is an admix for adding to Ardex sub-floor smoothing compounds.

Ardex E25 Mortar Admix is recommended for use where: high abrasion or point load resistance is required; where used as a temporary wearing surface; where a floor paint or paint thickness coating is to be subsequently applied as a finish (check compatibility, suitability, and carry out a trial application before proceeding) or where the floor has underfloor heating. In the latter case the heating must be turned off for 48 hours before screeding, left off for a further 48 hours afterwards and gradually brought up to temperature.

Ardex E25 Mortar Admix comes in 5kg tubs.

The Ardex Smoothing Compound is mixed in the usual way, except that the Ardex E25 Mortar Admix, diluted 1 part by volume with 5 parts by volume of water, is used in lieu of the clean water.

The Ardex E25 Mortar Admix additive produces an underlayment with a higher tensile strength and greater elasticity. For Ardex K 15 use 6 to 61/4 litres of diluted E25 Mortar Admix (1:5 water) per 22kg bag.

Material Requirement:
As an admix, a 5kg container, diluted with 5 volumes of water, is sufficient for approximately: 5 x 22kg Ardex K 15.

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