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Mira Safecoat Roll, Corner Pieces & Manchets

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Mira Safecoat Roll, Corner Pieces & Manchets are sealing components used as a carrying layer for Mira 4400 Multicoat Waterproofing Membrane.

Mira Safecoat Roll, Corner Pieces & Manchets are made from an artificial, flexible fibre fabric that is tension-resistant. It has an open fibre structure that allows absorption of Mira 4400 Multicoat, and is easily cut to size with a pair of scissors or a sharp knife.

Mira Safecoat Roll, Corner Pieces & Manchets are part of the Mira waterproofing system, and works in conjunction with Mira 4400 Multicoat Waterproofing Membrane and Mira 4180 Primer. The Safecoat Roll is also available as part of the Mira Waterproofing Kit.

Mira Safecoat Roll comes in two sizes, a 100mm x 25 metre tape roll for sealing tile backer board joints, wall/floor connections, and a 1 metre wide roll (in 10 or 50 metre lengths) for applying to floor and wall surfaces. The corner pieces are for sealing internal and external corner junctions between wall and floors, and the manchets are for sealing extruding pipework. The manchets are available in 4 different sizes to suit different pipe diameters: 8-20mm, 22-35mm, 60-70mm and a large self-adhesive 0-200mm manchet for sealing floor drainage points.

Spread the Mira 4400 Multicoat slurry with a brush, roller or a trowel. First protect corners, wall and floor joints between panels or elements by covering them with two layers of Multicoat and Safecoat. Pipe inlets and water outlets should be protected with the Sealing Manchets. Corner junctions where walls meet the floor can be sealed with the Internal & External Corner Pieces. On the walls – 2 layers of Multicoat should be laid, without Mira Safecoat. The second layer of Mira 4400 Multicoat should be spread when the first has been drying for 1-2 hours.

On floors, 2 layers of Mira 4400 Multicoat should be applied, with Mira Safecoat Roll as a carrying layer.

Floor insulation should be done during one working cycle. The Mira Safecoat Roll layer should be covered completely with the second layer of Mira 4400 Multicoat to reach the minimum thickness of 1.5 mm.

Technical Data:
Weight: 100 g/m²
Thickness: 0,6 mm
Tension force (strip-test EN/ISO 10319): – Longitudinal and transverse direction: 3 kN/m.
Break extension: 35/45 %

Product Datasheet

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100mm x 25m Roll, 1m x 10m Roll, 1m x 50m Roll, Internal Corner Piece, External Corner Piece, Sealing Manchet 8-20mm, Sealing Manchet 22-35mm, Sealing Manchet 60-70mm, Sealing Manchet 0-200mm

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