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Dukkaboard AQUA77 Tanking Fleece

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Dukkaboard AQUA77 Tanking Fleece is an artificial fibre matting designed to be used as a carrying layer for waterproofing material. It is part of the AQUA77 Waterproofing System, and is used in conjunction with AQUA77 Neo-Flex and AQUA77 Primer to create a fully waterproof barrier in wet or damp areas, such as wet rooms, bathrooms and showers before tiling.

It is also available as part of the AQUA77 Waterproofing Kit.

Dukkaboard AQUA77 Tanking Fleece creates an effective waterproof layer in wall corners, connections between the floor and wall, joints between tile backer-board panels, pipe or balustrade junctions, bathroom outlets etc.

Easy to use and provides fast covering, totally waterproof joints.

Comes in three sizes, 10cm x 25m roll, 1m x 10m roll and a 1m x 50m roll.

The product is installed by first applying a thin layer of AQUA77 Neo-Flex to the area, then applying the fleece directly on top. Then applying another layer of Neo-Flex to fully waterproof the joint to maximum strength.

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10cm x 25m, 1m x 10m, 1m x 50m