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Mapei Mapeband Waterproofing Tape, Corners & Gaskets

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Mapei Mapeband is a rubber tape with alkali-resistant fabric for cementitious waterproofing systems.

Mapei Mapeband is used for:
• Waterproofing corners between adjacent walls and between walls and floors before treating with Mapelastic, Mapelastic Smart, Mapelastic Aquadefense, or Mapegum WPS.
• Flexible waterproofing of expansion joints on terraces and balconies, etc. before treating with Mapelastic, Mapelastic Smart, Mapelastic Aquadefense, or Mapegum WPS.
• Sealing pipes and drains in bathrooms, showers and kitchens in conjunction with Mapeband gaskets.
• Sealing expansion joints in precast panels.

Mapei Mapeband is a vapour and water-resistant rubber tape with fabric edging which is resistant to alkali. It is elastic and deformable even at low temperatures with excellent resistance to adverse weather conditions.

Mapei Mapeband is resistant to alkalis, acids and salt solutions (for special cases, test before using).

Mapei Mapeband Waterproofing Tape is also available in ready-made internal and external corner sections along with 400mm x 400mm and 120mm x 120mm gaskets for pipes in bathrooms, kitchens, showers, etc.

• For perfect sealing on corners use Mapei Mapeband 90° and 270° special corner pieces.
• For perfect sealing on pipes use the 400mm x 400mm or 120mm x 120mm Mapei Mapeband gaskets.

Apply a thin layer of Mapelastic, Mapelastic Smart, Mapelastic Aquadefense, or Mapegum WPS waterproofing membrane, at least 1 mm thick, to the sides of the corners and expansion joints to be waterproofed. Apply the fabric side of the Mapei Mapeband or special pieces over the fresh layer of waterproofing membrane, using a smooth trowel.

It is essential that the waterproofing membrane layer wets both sides of the band, also the rubber tape, for a width of several mm. For movement joints (i.e. in terraces) Mapei Mapeband must be positioned in the shape of an omega Ω (see datasheet): The tape can then be subjected to tension.

Joints between strips must be sealed with Adesilex T, Adesilex T Super or Adesilex LP.

Available Configurations:
• 50 m rolls of 120 mm total width.
• 10 m rolls of 120 mm total width.
• 90° and 270° angles.
• 120mm x 120mm and 400mm x 400mm Gaskets for pipe outlets.

Technical Data:
Tensile strength (according to EN 12311-2, Method B) (N/mm²): > 2
Ultimate elongation (according to EN 12311-2, Method B) (%): ≥ 300
Tear resistance (according to EN 12310-2) (N): ≥ 100
Temperature when in use: from -20°C to +60°C
Alkali resistance (according to EN 1847 and EN ISO 527-3) (%): variation ≤ ± 20
Vapour diffusion strength coefficient (μ): appox. 30,000 (± 30%)

Product Datasheet

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50m x 120mm Roll, External Corner, Internal Corner, 400mm Outlet Gasket, 120mm Pipe Gasket