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Mira 4180 Primer

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Mira 4180 Primer is an acrylic primer for priming floor and wall substrates prior to the application of Mira 4400 Multicoat Waterproofing Membrane. It is also used for priming floors prior to applying self-levelling and repair compounds.

Available in 1kg and 5kg tubs.

Mira 4180 Primer is designed to close the pores of a substrate and to ensure good bonding between the substrate and subsequent layers such as levelling plaster, waterproofing materials and tile adhesive.

Mira 4180 Primer is an acrylic-based liquid containing yellow track pigment. Used as a primer in diluted form on all kinds of absorbent substrates in dry and wet areas, and in concentrated form on wooden-based substrates in dry areas.

Mira 4180 Primer is suitable for use on concrete, aerated concrete, render, wood, masonry, gypsum and floor screeds. Suitable for use indoors or outdoors, with swimming pools, wet rooms, bathrooms and balconies.

Mira 4180 Primer is part of the Mira waterproofing system, and works in conjunction with Mira 4400 Multicoat Waterproofing Membrane, Mira Safecoat Roll, Corner Pieces and Manchets. It is also available as part of the Mira Waterproofing Kit.

The substrate must be dry, compact, cleaned of dust, grease, oil etc. Concrete slurry (if any) should be removed, weaker parts of substrate should be removed and then repaired again. Remove dust with a vacuum cleaner. Grease, oil, dirt should be cleaned. The entire surface should be clean of dust.

Mix with water in proportion from 1:1 (on slightly absorbent surfaces) to 1:3 (on absorbent surfaces) or use non-diluted on wooden based surfaces.

Apply the product with a dense brush or spray gun. Avoid forming of puddles.

1 litre of primer for 10-14 m2 depending on mixing ratio.

Application temperature range +10° to +18°C.

Drying time:
1-2 hrs depending on temperature and air humidity.

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