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Mira 4400 Multicoat Waterproofing Membrane

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Mira 4400 Multicoat Waterproofing Membrane is a flexible, polymer based membrane paste used for tanking floor and wall substrates in wet rooms and bathrooms.

Mira 4400 Multicoat comes ready to use, and is easily applied using a roller or brush. Suitable for use on concrete, aerated concrete, wood, gypsum and floor screeds. Only suitable for use indoors with wet rooms and bathrooms.

Mira 4400 Multicoat Waterproofing Membrane is a core part of the Mira waterproofing system, and works in conjunction with Mira 4180 Primer, Mira Safecoat Roll, Corner Pieces and Manchets. It is also available as part of the Mira Waterproofing Kit.

The substrate must be dry, compact, cleaned of dust, grease, oil etc. Concrete slurry (if any) should be removed, weaker parts of substrate should be removed and then repaired again. Remove dust with a vacuum cleaner. Grease, oil, dirt should be cleaned. The entire surface should be clean of dust.

Absorptive substrates should be primed with Mira 4180 Primer, thinned with water in the ratio: 1 part of 4180 primer and 3 parts of water. Non-absorptive substrates e.g. painted or made of ceramic tiles shall not be primed. When the surface is dry, the product can be applied.

Mira 4400 Multicoat is ready-to-use and must not be diluted. Slowly stir the slurry before use.

Spread the slurry with a brush, roller or a trowel. First protect corners, wall and floor joints between panels or elements by covering them with two layers of Multicoat and Mira Safecoat Roll.
Pipe inlets and water outlets should be protected with Mira Safecoat Sealing Manchets. Corner junctions where walls meet the floor can be sealed with Mira Safecoat Internal & External Corner Pieces. On the walls 2 layers of Multicoat should be laid, without Mira Safecoat. The second layer of Mira 4400 Multicoat should be spread when the first has been drying for 1-2 hours.

On floors, 2 layers of Mira 4400 Multicoat should be applied, with Mira Safecoat Roll as a carrying layer.

Floor insulation should be done during one working cycle. The Mira Safecoat mat should be covered completely with the second layer of Mira 4400 Multicoat to reach the minimum thickness of 1.5 mm.

Walls: min. 1 kg/m²
Floor: min. 1,5 kg/m²
Connections wall / floor, wall corners, joints of panels and elements: 200 – 300g/running metre

Temperature/weather condition:
Minimum air and substrate temperature +6°C When applied outdoor (terraces, balconies), protect from intensive sunlight and rain.

Hardening time:
The membrane takes approx. 12 hrs to fully dry in temperatures of 10-15°C.

Technical data:
Based on synthetic latex, binders and mineral pigments
Extensibility: ca. 1200%
Temperature resistance: -20 to + 120°C
Membrane thickness: wall min. 1 mm – floor min. 1,5 mm
Stepping-on / tile laying: after 12 hrs
Volume density: 1250 kg/m³
The product is alkali resistant.
After drying-up: frost resistant and waterproof.
The product is not UV-resistant.

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