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Dukkaboard is a tile backer board system made from high-density extruded polystyrene, coated with polymer modified glass fibre reinforced cement, on both sides which adds rigidity and strength. Dukkaboard is designed to be used as a vastly superior alternative to plasterboard and plywood. Compared to plasterboard, tile backer board is rot-proof, waterproof, lightweight, extremely strong and rigid. Also available is a wide range of pre-formed shower trays that are ready to tile onto with a built in trap outlet, and pre-formed falls to aid water collection.

Dukkaboard can be used to build complex spa and bathroom structures for tiling onto, and can be fixed to studwork walls and partitions easily using screws and adhesive, then waterproofed with a tanking membrane to create the perfect substrate for wet rooms and areas that are constantly in contact with water. The Aqua77 range is a complete waterproofing solution for these applications.

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