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Dukkaboard Shower Drain Grates & Accessories

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Dukkaboard Shower Drain Grates & Accessories are for use with all Dukkaboard pre-formed shower trays with a square point drain outlet. Dukkaboard Shower Drain Grates are available in the following options:

  • Dukkaboard Standard Drain Grate – 140mm x 140mm pressed stainless steel grating with an electro polished mirror finish.
  • Dukkaboard Quadra Drain Grate – 140mm x 140mm uprated grating that is laser cut from stainless steel, then given a brushed finish. Perfect for imparting a modern and stylish look to your shower or wetroom.
  • Dukkaboard Inset Tile Drain Grate – this is an inset stainless steel square for imparting a minimalist look to your shower or wetroom. This works by fixing a tile cut-out of the same type used for floor surrounding the trap, creating a modern and unique look while still leaving a gap for water to drain into the trap below. Once cut to the desired size, the tile inset can be fixed to the green felt on the top of the grate. Please note: this may reduce flow rate of the shower trap. Also, this item cannot be retro fitted to an existing shower trap installation. It must be installed along with the shower or wetroom floor.
  • Dukkaboard Drain Grate Height Adjustment Frame – this is a plastic frame for use when the height of the floor surrounding the trap exceeds 15mm, for example when using thicker tiles. So the purpose of the frame is to raise the shower grating so that it sits flush with the surrounding tile edge, eliminating unsightly lippage and leaving a smoother floor surface. Each frame increases the height by 6mm. Multiple frames can be used.

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Standard Drain Grate, Quadra Drain Grate, Inset Tile Drain Grate, Grate Height Adjustment Frame