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Dukkaboard Fixing Washers

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Dukkaboard Fixing Washers are ideal for fixing cement-coated polystyrene tile backer boards, and insulation boards such as Celotex. Each 35mm washer is countersunk, allowing it to be fixed flush with the surface of the board when screwed into place. They are compatible with our entire range of cement-coated polystyrene foam tile backer boardsStandard Tile Backer Board Panels, JACKOBOARD Plano, wedi Tile Backer Board and Schluter KERDI BOARD.

Dukkaboard fixing washers are available in galvanized steel or stainless steel, in boxes of 100.

Each washer has a 5mm hole punched in the centre to allow for a screw. We recommend using 12 washers per 1200 x 600mm tile backer or insulation board, when fixing the boards to timber stud walling or timber floors.

The stainless steel washers are guaranteed not to rust and are even stronger than the standard galvanized steel washers.

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Galvanized steel – 100 washers, Stainless steel – 100 washers