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Dukkaboard Reinforcement Mesh

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Dukkaboard Reinforcement Mesh is a latex coated, open weave glass reinforcing mesh that must be used in certain applications to uphold the strength of the Dukkaboard panels.

  • Use when there is point loading such as small mosaics on floor tiling.
  • Also when using Dukkaboard Creative, the slotted side must always be reinforced once it is in the desired position.
  • Use on panel joints in dry area tiling must be taped with 100mm wide mesh prior to tiling.
  • Easily cut to the desired length to reinforce a range of different areas.
  • Tough glass mesh provides multi-directional tensile strength.
  • The scrim is self adhesive and will adhere directly to the surface of Dukkaboard panels.

Dukkaboard Reinforcement Mesh is available in 3 different sizes:

  • 80mm x 50m
  • 1m x 50m

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80mm x 50m, 1m x 50m