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Dukkaboard XL Cement Backer Board

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Please note: Due to the brittle material nature of cement board, this product is not suitable for dispatch through parcel courier networks. As such it can only be sent on a pallet to ensure delivery in good condition, regardless of the quantity of boards ordered. So you will be charged for pallet delivery, even if you only order 1 board. We acknowledge that this is not ideal, but it is the only way to ensure that your order is delivered to you undamaged.

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Dukkaboard XL Cement Backer Board is an extra strong cement fibre board that creates an ideal substrate for tiles and reinforcing floors. It is very similar to the No More Ply Cement Board.

Dukkaboard XL Cement Backer Board is ideal for over boarding chipboard, concrete and stable timber floors. It provides a perfect substrate for all tile finishes including the heaviest of natural stone.

This board is available in two sizes, 1200 x 600 x 6mm or 1200 x 600 x 12mm. We recommend using the 6mm board thickness for concrete and stable timber floors. We recommend using the 12mm board thickness for timber stud walls and floors needing extra strengthening, or floors that have uneven floor boards.

Fixing Instructions:

When overboarding timber floors, use No More Ply Fixing Screws along with No More Ply Megastrength Adhesive to securely fix the boards to the floor. Use 6mm Dukkaboard XL Cement Backer Board for overboarding – if the floor is weak or uneven, use the 12mm board.

When fixing boards to solid walls, you should use the ‘dot and dab’ method, whereby you place trowel sized dabs of flexible cement based tile adhesive on the wall, then embed the board onto the adhesive. For 6mm boards you can use the¬†No More Ply Megastrength Adhesive.

For timber stud walls use the 12mm board and install using 38mm No More Ply Screws and No More Ply Megastrength Adhesive.

Use the No More Ply Scoring Knife to ‘score and snap’ the boards to the required size.

For wet rooms, always install the boards on the floor before overboarding the walls, and waterproof all joints with Dukkaboard XL Extra Strength adhesive. To make the boards completely waterproof, coat the completed surface with two coats of AQUA77 Primer diluted 1:3 with water.

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