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Dukkaboard Fixing Dowels

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Dukkaboard Fixing Dowels are a single compound fixing system for fixing cement-coated, extruded polystyrene Tile Backer boards to solid walls, and concrete or screed floors.

Made from galvanised steel, Dukkaboard Fixing Dowels are available in the following sizes: 50mm, 80mm, 110mm, 140mm. They are compatible with our entire range of cement-coated polystyrene foam tile backer boardsStandard Tile Backer Board Panels, JACKOBOARD Plano, wedi Tile Backer Board and Schluter KERDI BOARD. Price is per single fixing dowel.

These dowels are primarily for fixing boards to masonry walls in combination with a bed of tile adhesive, and are applied by drilling an 8mm hole through the board and into the substrate behind. Vacuum out the drilling dust and then drive the dowel through the board into the substrate with a hammer, until the top of the dowel is flush with the board surface. You should allow a minimum dowel substrate bonding depth of 35mm, e.g for a 100mm board the minimum dowel size is 140mm.

Please see the video below for detailed step by step instructions.

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50mm, 80mm, 110mm, 140mm