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Schluter DITRA HEAT WIFI Thermostat

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The Schluter DITRA HEAT WIFI Thermostat is a thermostat for use with the Schluter DITRA HEAT Electric Underfloor Heating System.

The Schluter DITRA HEAT WIFI Thermostat is based on the existing Schluter DITRA HEAT E R Thermostat, and features a 5.1cm (2″), self-explanatory backlit touchscreen display and a manual mechanical main switch. It comes with pre-set and adjustable timer programs, selectable room settings and an energy consumption display. The user language is adjustable.

The new WiFi-enabled Schluter DITRA HEAT WIFI Thermostat allows for more closely customised operation of the award-winning Schluter DITRA HEAT system. The discreet thermostat offers minimal visual impact within a room and connects directly to a chosen wireless network.

Alongside the thermostat is a dedicated app; Schluter-HEAT-CONTROL is free for both Android and Apple iOS devices and boasts an intuitive interface for easy control of the system. Via the app, users can control each thermostat individually or group multiple thermostats together to form heating zones of their choice. Multiple devices can use the app and multiple users can control the system, remotely adapting settings to their individual requirements. Use the links to below to download the app from either the IOS App store or Google Play store. Also available is the Schluter DITRA HEAT E R6 Smart Thermostat which allows you to control the underfloor heating with voice control via an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant smart home device.

The Schluter DITRA HEAT WIFI Thermostat measures 5.5 x 5.5cm square, which makes it compatible with European integrated switch clusters.

The thermostat is rated with a 16 Amp switching capacity at 230v – this equates to a maximum output of 3680 Watts. It is connected directly to the Schluter DITRA HEAT E HK Heating Cable. Two or more of these cables can be connected to the same thermostat as long as the total combined wattage consumption of the cables does not exceed this amount.

This thermostat comes with two remote temperature sensor probes – both should be installed but only one connected – so that you can use the spare one as a backup should the primary one fail. This sensor probe is also available to purchase separately – Schluter DITRA HEAT E Temperature Sensor Probe. The temperature will be controlled according to the temperature measured by the remote sensor. The heater will be switched on when the temperature drops below the current set point.

For more information on this thermostat refer to page 12 & 13 of the Instruction Guide and page 8 of the Product Data Sheet for the Schluter DITRA HEAT System, linked below. For detailed instructions on how to operate the thermostat, please follow the link below to the user manual on the Schluter Systems website.

User Manual Installation Guide Product Datasheet

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