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wedi PreLine Building Board

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wedi PreLine Building Board is a fully prepared building board element for easy installation of hot water heating systems. Factory integrated routered recesses allow for quick and safe installation of water pipes whilst strong insulation properties of the material itself prevent heat escaping to the ground, thus promoting a balanced heat distribution across the entire space.

The water pipes are simply laid in the integrated recesses (recommendation: aluminium PEX Ø16 mm) and backfilled using tile adhesive, such as wedi 320 tile adhesive.

wedi PreLine Building Board has the same construction as wedi Tile Backer Board – which consists of a blue core made from extruded polystyrene rigid foam, which is then reinforced with glass fibre (with alkali-resistant finish) on both sides and coated with a polymer-modified cement. This core is 100% waterproof and remains fully functional even after possible damage.

wedi PreLine Building Board is available in 1240 x 600mm sheets, and comes in 4 different thicknesses: 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, and 60mm.

wedi PreLine Building Board is very versatile and can be used in refurbishments and renovations of almost all interior areas, but it is especially suitable for areas such as bathrooms.


wedi PreLine Building Board is laid across the full surface with a thin-bed mortar (recommendation: wedi 320 universal tile adhesive) and aligned. In wet areas, the building board joints must be fully and thoroughly bonded and sealed with wedi 610 Sealant/Adhesive (recommendation: one bead of wedi 610 along the length of the edge underneath the milling groove level and one bead level with the milling groove).

In wet areas, the open ends of the groove in the edge areas of wedi PreLine Building Board must be waterproof. You can finish the joints all round the wall areas with a wedi building board strip (approx. 5 cm) of the same thickness as the wedi PreLine Building Board element. The edges must be fully sealed with wedi 610 adhesive sealant. Another form of sealing of the groove is to glue in wedi Tile Backer Board strips (length × width × thickness approx. 50 × 14 × 12.5 mm) and seal with wedi 610 adhesive sealant.

The underfloor heating pipes can then be laid in the groove. Then backfill the pipe ducts with tile adhesive, e.g. wedi 320 tile adhesive.

In wet areas, the building boards / wall connections must be implemented with a sealing tape using a liquid sealant (recommendation: wedi Tools sealing tape with wedi 610 or wedi 520 waterproofing membrane). All intersections in the wedi PreLine Building Board must be properly

The entire surface must be covered with 600 mm wide, self-adhesive reinforcement tape (recommendation: wedi Tools 600 mm joint reinforcement tape).

Ceramic tiles with a minimum size of 10 × 10 cm can be laid on this surface. wedi PreLine Building Board can be tiled directly after reinforcement without further pretreatment. Laminate or complete parquet must be laid as a floating floor. (Note: the use of wood surfaces may reduce the thermal conductivity).

Product Datasheet Installation Instructions

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1240 x 600 x 30mm, 1240 x 600 x 40mm, 1240 x 600 x 50mm, 1240 x 600 x 60mm


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