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Schluter DITRA HEAT E HK Cable

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The Schluter DITRA HEAT E HK Cable is an electrical under tile heating cable with a unilateral connection for installation in the Schluter DITRA HEAT Matting and DITRA HEAT DUO uncoupling matting.

The Schluter DITRA HEAT E HK Cable is available in 18 different lengths for single zones. Note: Schluter DITRA HEAT E HK Heating cables must not be shortened. When selecting the heating cable for your application, please note that the table below with the heated space in m² does not specify the room size. To determine the heated space, deduct unheated zones such as perimeter areas and storage space from the room size.

Schluter DITRA HEAT E HK Cable Data Table

The Schluter DITRA HEAT E HK Cable can be installed in the matting on both walls and floors. It is recommended to set the spacing of the cable at 3 studs apart in the matting for floors, this gives a heat output of 136 W/m². For walls, the cables can be set at 2 studs apart – this gives a heat output of 200 W/m².

The Schluter DITRA HEAT E HK Cable is easily installed in the matting by using an old grout float to press the cable down in between the studs.

Important: Testing of the Schluter DITRA HEAT E HK Cable, must be carried out prior to installation, and again after installation of the heating cable and before tile/stone floor finish is installed. To test the resistance of the heating cable use the Schluter DITRA HEAT E CT cable tester with inbuilt alarm. See the table above for Ohm figures for each cable length (Art. No.).

Technical Data:
Nominal voltage: 230 Volt
Rating: 136 W/m² (spacing: every third stud ≙ 9 cm) 200 W/m² (spacing: every second stud ≙ 6 cm)
Cold connection line: 1 x 4,00 m
Minimum installation temperature: 5 °C
Smallest bending radius: 6 x dA
Resistance tolerance: -5 % / +10 %
VDE tested IEC 60800 Class M1
Cold-warm transition: Seamless, without shrink technology
Insulation: Fluoroplastic
Fuse model: IPX7

Installation Guide Product Datasheet

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DH E HK 4 – 4.57 lm, DH E HK 6 – 6.76 lm, DH E HK 12 – 12.07 lm, DH E HK 17 – 17.66 lm, DH E HK 23 – 23.77 lm, DH E HK 29 – 29.87 lm, DH E HK 35 – 35.97 lm, DH E HK 41 – 41.56 lm, DH E HK 47 – 47.67 lm, DH E HK 53 – 53.77 lm, DH E HK 59 – 59.87 lm, DH E HK 71 – 71.57 lm, DH E HK 83 – 83.77 lm, DH E HK 95 – 95.47 lm, DH E HK 107 – 107.67 lm, DH E HK 136 – 136.16 lm, DH E HK 164 – 164.07 lm, DH E HK 192 – 192.27 lm, DH E HK 216 – 216.27 lm, DH E HK 244 – 244.37 lm