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Schluter DITRA HEAT E HK Cable

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The Schluter DITRA HEAT E HK Cable is an electrical under tile heating cable with a unilateral connection for installation in the Schluter DITRA HEAT Matting and DITRA HEAT DUO uncoupling matting.

The Schluter DITRA HEAT E HK Cable is available in 18 different lengths for single zones. Note: these cables must not be shortened. When selecting the heating cable for your application, please note that the table below with the heated space in m² does not specify the room size. To determine the heated space, deduct unheated zones such as perimeter areas and storage space from the room size.

Schluter DITRA HEAT E HK Cable Data Table

The Schluter DITRA HEAT E HK Cable can be installed in the matting on both walls and floors. It is recommended to set the spacing of the cable at 3 studs apart in the matting for floors, this gives a heat output of 136 W/m². For walls, the cables can be set at 2 studs apart – this gives a heat output of 200 W/m².

The Schluter DITRA HEAT E HK Cable is easily installed in the matting by using an old grout float to press the cable down in between the studs.

Important: Testing of the cable must be carried out prior to installation, and again after installation of the heating cable and before tile/stone floor finish is installed. To test the resistance of the heating cable use the Schluter DITRA HEAT E CT Cable Tester with inbuilt alarm. See the table above for Ohm figures for each cable length (Art. No.).

Technical Data:
Nominal voltage: 230 Volt
Rating: 136 W/m² (spacing: every third stud ≙ 9 cm) 200 W/m² (spacing: every second stud ≙ 6 cm)
Cold connection line: 1 x 4,00 m
Minimum installation temperature: 5 °C
Smallest bending radius: 6 x dA
Resistance tolerance: -5 % / +10 %
VDE tested IEC 60800 Class M1
Cold-warm transition: Seamless, without shrink technology
Insulation: Fluoroplastic
Fuse model: IPX7

Installation Guide Product Datasheet

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4.57m (0.4m2), 6.76m (0.6m2), 12.07m (1.1m2), 17.66m (1.6m2), 23.77m (2.2m2), 29.87m (2.7m2), 35.97m (3.3m2), 41.56m (3.8m2), 47.67m (4.4m2), 53.77m (5m2), 59.87m (5.5m2), 71.57m (6.6m2), 83.77m (7.7m2), 95.47m (8.8m2), 107.67m (10m2), 136.16m (12.7m2), 164.07m (15m2), 192.27m (17.7m2), 216.27m (20m2), 244.37m (22.7m2)