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BAL Bond SBR Primer & Admix

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BAL Bond SBR Primer & Admix is a multi-purpose synthetic polymer primer and admixture for walls and floors, a water-based dispersion of a styrene-butadiene copolymer with a wide variety of uses in the construction industry, particularly as an admixture and bonding agent for cement and concrete applications.

BAL Bond SBR Primer & Admix is white in colour, and is available in 1 litre and 5 litre containers. 15-30 minutes drying time.

BAL Bond SBR Primer & Admix can be used as a primer before tile fixing on Brick/Concrete, Rendering, Lightweight Blockwork, Cement:Sand Screed, Plaster, Plasterboard, Tile Backer/Fibre Cement Boards, Timber Floors, Overlaid Timber Floors (15mm minimum) and Anhydrite/Calcium Sulfate Screeds.

When used as an admixture, BAL Bond SBR Primer & Admix adds a number of features such as greater toughness, flexibility and tensile strength, allowing mortars to be applied in thinner sections, thus reducing the weight of the construction. It also improves adhesion to backgrounds/bases, adds greater resistance to water and water vapour, greatly increases protection from water and salts, increases resistance to impact and reduces surface dusting. It also improves working characteristics particularly valuable in hot, humid climates.

Coverage as a primer:
Undiluted: 12m²/litre
Diluted 1:2 with water: 36m²/litre
Diluted 1:4 with water: 40m²/litre

Coverage as an admixture:
Plastering (12mm thick): 5m²/litre
Rendering (12mm thick): 1.5m²/litre
Screeding (50mm thick): 0.25m²/litre

Surface Preparation:
Primer/Sealer: BAL Bond SBR Primer & Admix can be used on the following areas as a primer or sealer before tiling:

  • Plaster: Dilute 1 part with: For ready mixed dispersions, 4 parts clean cold water. For cement based powders, 2 parts clean cold water.
  • Screeds/renders: Dilute 1 part SBR with 4 parts clean cold water.
  • Vinyl: Brush SBR undiluted over whole of surface to be tiled.
  • Timber surfaces: Seal timber surface on the underside and edges only with undiluted SBR.

Admixtures: Can be used as on the following areas:

  • Bricklaying/pointing: Add 10-15 litres BAL Bond SBR to 50kg cement.
  • Plastering: For slurry coat, dilute 1 part BAL Bond SBR to 4 parts water and mix with 9 parts plaster. For integral part of plaster mix. Mix 2-4 litres BAL Bond SBR to 50kg plaster. Dampen surface before application and apply plaster before slurry dries.
  • Rendering/screeding/patching/repairing: For Slurry coat, add 1 part sand to 1 part cement by weight, mixed with appropriate amount of SBR pre-diluted 1:1 with clean water to achieve desired consistency. Dampen surface before application and apply render/screed before slurry dries.
  • For integral part of mortar (recommended for best results), mix 5-10 litres BAL Bond SBR with 50kg cement. In areas of high hydrostatic pressure, contact BAL Technical Advisory and Specification Service. NOTE: On vertical surface and soffits, coatings exceeding 6mm may be difficult to apply because mortars with SBR are more likely to slump than conventional mortars.

1. Shake container well before use.
2. Can be used undiluted/dilute 1:2 or 1:4 by volume of product and clean water and thoroughly mix.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do NOT use in temperatures below 5°C.
1, Ensure surfaces are free from dirt, grease and other loose materials. Brush down highly polished surfaces with a stiff bristle brush before priming.
2. Apply 2 coats of BAL Bond SBR using a clean brush from a container, diluted or undiluted as appropriate (See USAGE above). Allow to dry between coats. NOTE: If using on floor, do NOT allow to form puddles.
3. Ensure even coverage.
4. Allow to dry thoroughly for 15-30 minutes before applying adhesive.
5. Clean product from tools using clean water.

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